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November 20, 2013

Thankful for FUN Learning

This week has been a ton of fun! We have been learning all about the Pilgrim and why we give thanks at Thanksgiving. Let me show off some of the awesome learning that has been occurring.

One of the books we read during calendar time was this awesome book:
I love this book because it specifically says what Pilgrim children did to help. This usually hits home when my class learns that Pilgrim child didn't go to school and play with their friends... THEY WORKED. 
I realized my class wasn't getting the concept of Pilgrim life this year during a book.They understood life was hard. They understood children worked. But they didn't understand the idea that everyone had a job to do for the whole community. {Was I also trying to teach them to work together in the classroom to clean up and accomplish tasks? Perhaps...}

So, I went to my computer and put together some visual cards to assign my students jobs.
 I divided the class up and gave each of them a job to do. 
They had to get in groups to show how each person had to help the whole.
{This pack is actually colored, but I printed it out at school in black and white.}

I also created this simple writing activity to "think" through their job,
why it is hard, and why it is important.
I made cards that have different images for what Pilgrim would farm, gather, and hunt. 
This card shows this student would have to gather berries.

Today during our daily 5 time, we worked on the book I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.
 We sequenced the story in whole group after reading the book.

Work on Writing- We wrote a sentence using one thing that happened in the story. I helped the students with this and we used the sequencing cards if we needed them. 
Word Work- We did an individual sequencing sheet to work on putting the pictures in order and learning the vocaublary words in the book.
Listening to Reading- We could listen to the book and we also did a listening and following direction activity.
Read to Self and Read to Someone- my kids could reread the story and they could also read the little reader I created. 
My assistant played a reading comprehension game with her group to work on all those Common Core reading comp skills. I love using theses games because it is a tricky way 
to practice recalling elements in the story and reading comp skills, 
an easy way to collect data, 
and it is a HUGE hit in my classroom.
here on TpT, here on TN
We also connected some math activities to this book during center time because it makes the activities SO much more fun for my kids.
here on TpT, here on TN
here on TpT, here on TN
 I actually got evaluated during the daily 5 today. I haven't gotten any feedback from it yet, but I am hoping these activities helped show how great my students are doing. 

Do you guys go to school next week or does your Thanksgiving Break start this Friday?

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

November 16, 2013

Center Saturday

Every Friday night and Saturday morning, I work on this post for you guys. I usually type it out on Friday and proof it on Saturday am... BUT, last night my body literally crashed! I was out cold by 10:30.

{I think not sleeping for 4 months plus is catching up to me! Plus, I am going to have to start letting E cry it out some at night because she is totally playing me and getting me up STILL, even though she doesn't need me at all. And I fall for it every night!}

So, pardon the later than usually Saturday Center post.
This week we learned about the letter Pp, teen numbers, the sight words they and you, and we worked on Thanksgiving activities. We do a TON of art and learning activities using this theme. 

This week in math, we filled in the pies with the missing number. My goal is for them to learn to count on from a number and to see the patterns numbers have. Some of my students are getting it and others start counting at 1 each and every time. {Letter Pp Activities on TpT, here on TN}

I writing, we have been using my Write Me Three formats to write about the things we like to each on Thanksgiving. My students HAVE to read to me what they write because it doesn't matter what you write if you can't read it. We are going to start working on changing our three items into one long sentence using the connecting word and soon. Some of my student can already do this verbally and a few can do it written. {Write Me Three Months on TpT, here on TN}

For reading this week, I wanted my students to work on their sight words. They used this fun activity to write in the missing letters from these pie sight words. They had the missing letters in the bottom right corner and they have a word wall to use as well. This was tough because my kids had to think about sight words separately, but I love to make them think outside the box every chance I can. {Thanksgiving Fun! Activities on TpT, here on TN}

At our phonics center, we filled in the missing letter using these parrot cards. I am letting my kids use capital letters to fill in this time around.{Letter Pp Activities on TpT, here on TN}

I love this activity and so did my class! This is a Thanksgiving Now and Then Secret Code Word game. My students use the code breaker sheet to find the word. There is also a QR code option they can use to self check their work. What I LOVE is that my QR codes show the picture answer, not just the text answer! {Thanksgiving Now and Then Secret Code Words here on TpT, here on TN}

And my last work center this week was  a Thanksgiving Now and Then sorting mat. My students sorted the pictures to show what thanksgiving was like "then" and what it is like "now." {Thanksgiving Fun! Activities on TpT, here on TN}

My activities this week came from these units:
{Thanksgiving Fun! Activities on TpT, here on TN}

{Thanksgiving Now and Then Secret Code Words here on TpT, here on TN}
{Letter Pp Activities on TpT, here on TN}

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

November 10, 2013

New Thanksgiving Freebie

 Oh boy! Do I have some cool stuff to share with you!

I am finishing up my prep for next week's Thanksgiving activities. I snap a few pics to show you some of the things my class will be doing. 

We will be playing a "build a turkey" game using -at and -all words. The words are on the feathers. My students have to read the word and place it on the correct bird to build it. Each turkey has 8 words for it.

I also put together a few pocket chart activities to play. We introduce these activities during calendar time and often play it together over a full week. But, the real fun is at center time when my students chose to come to calendar to play "teacher" with their friends.
I made this comparing numbers activity because we are getting SO good at comparing numbers, that I like to step it up some. I like to give them a number and the symbol, then let them determine the remaining number... perhaps a little bit of algebraic thinking?
I know my kids will be running to play teacher now! 

I also prepped this number order activity for pocket chart time. I am going to cover some of the numbers to see if my kids can fill in the missing number. I also like to mark the back of a number with a star {written on with a draw erase marker.} Then, I give my students number sense questions about that number to see who can figure it out. I might give clues like it has two sets of 10 and 5 ones. It is the same amount as a quarter. It is a count by 5 number.

We are going to play this rhyming game in either small groups or centers this upcoming week as well. I can't wait to see my kids make the pies to match the rhyming words. We will use the worksheet as a follow up activity as well. 

And we are using these Now and Then Activities to discuss how thanksgiving was for the Pilgrim compare it how it is for us. 

I am thankful to have finished my Thanksgiving Now & Then Secret Code Word set. This pack has a code breaker sheet, 18 code words using Thanksgiving Now and Then images and words, and two worksheet options with the codes on the bottom of that sheet. 
AND there is an identical set in the same pack that has QR codes for self checking! WOO HOO!

I just finished the Then and Now Thanksgiving Reader too!
I made this reader only $1 and didn't bundle it so everyone and anyone could grab it.

And for computer time fun and freedom, here is my newest computer center sheet. 
You save this pdf onto your computer. When you open it, click on VIEW IN FULL SCREEN to lock your students into these preset links.

Here is a good view of my Thanksgiving FUN! pack

 And the links to Now and Then Secret Code Words and Thanksgiving Fun!
here on TpT, here on TN
here on TpT, here on TN

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

November 05, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun

I am so excited about the next two weeks of school when my class makes Indian Vest, drums, headbands, and place mats, and has a Thanksgiving Day Feast AND learns all about Thanksgiving Past and Present.
Oh... let the prep begin! I have so many art projects planned and needing to be prepped, so I needed some great educational materials that are FUN and MEANINGFUL to aid the learning in the classroom.

I put in some serious computer hours this week and weekend updating my Thanksgiving Fun! Pack because I had some ideas I wanted to create to make this year better than ever. created a sorting mat and picture cards to sort Thanksgiving images of Thanksgiving then and now.  This will make an awesome work center or small group activity. I might even let my tables play this as a table challenge.
{Meaning one table challenges another table to see who can sort the pictures the fastest and most correct.}

Each side has 8 images and these pieces can double as a FUN memory game where one side is the now image and the match is the then image. 

I also create two recording sheet options. You can use them as pre and post assessments or just as follow up activities. The first sheet allows your students to circle the then image in each box.
The second option is similar but is a cut and sort version.

My class also needs some extra love to encourage rhyming words so I got to work.
 I LOVE this matching game. Students create pumpkin pies using rhyming words.
Each pie piece has the image and the rhyme written on it to encourage reading.

And because my class adores coloring, I created two color by number sheets.

 These mats are perfect for centers and word work to have students create sight words.
There are three versions- one is for 2 letter sight words, another for 3 letter sight words,
and the last for 4 letter sight words.

And this activity is sure to MAKE your students think.
{My class is resisting learning their number words and
 they are confusing some of their color words as well.}

We use these mats to read the color and number word and draw a line to the color or number of objects that it matches in the picture. There is an easier version for younger learners as well.

The best news is... these are just some of the activities in this pack. 

Here is a list of ALL the activities in this pack.
Use the theme of Thanksgiving to do the following activities:
Pilgrim and Native American can/have/did Charts
Ordering Numbers
Color Word, Number Word Match
Tally Mark and Ten Frame Puzzles
Write Me 3– writing prompts and word walls
BINGO Cards and Cover Ups
Comparing Numbers
Cornucopia Compare (activity for a pocket chart)
Number Word Match
Fill in the Ten Frame game
Thanksgiving Number Writing 1-50
Then and Now sorting activity and 2 worksheets
Slice up the sight words– activity mats with 2, 3, and 4 letter sight words and worksheet option for 3 letter words
Color by Number sheets– turkey and cornucopia sheets
Build a Bird– read the –at and –all words on feathers then match them to the correct bird to build it.
Rhyme Time- activity and worksheet

November 22, 2012

Thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Although I am sure you are doing a TON of important family things today, I want to take a minute to show my gratitude to YOU!

It means the world to me that you each spend a little bit of your personal time with me. I love seeing high numbers of free downloads that are benefiting your student and your classrooms.  I also appreciate each and every purchase you make of your own money for your classroom.

I pondered how to show you my gratitude today...
The only thing I could think that you guys love is FREE stuff.
So... here is my idea! 
Leave a comment below tell me which item of mine you want the most for Christmas with your email address. I will pick a few random winners to be given THAT item!
(I will close it off Saturday and pick a few winners then.) 
Winners have been emailed!

Here are my Christmas units to choose from!