July 07, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis is calling me...
He misses me...
He NEEDS me!

Here is Elvis and me in my office...
We were having a little conversation...
Seriously this picture hangs in my office 
and has for years.

{I have more than a little crush on Mr. Presley... 
in fact I wanted to name BOTH girls Presley... 
and that name was vetoed BOTH times.}

I mean... look at his eyes, he face!
Who doesn't adore his voice!!!

So off to Vegas I go for the AMAZING

The Freebilicious gals 
 and I will be at booth #115.
We would absolutely, positively LOVE to meet you, hug your neck, and give you some candy.
Why do you want to stop by? 
{I mean, besides the FREE candy???}

We aren't selling you ANYTHING.
Our blog is FREEBIElicious after all.
And you can enter to win an iPad mini.

I will be at the booth on Monday and Wednesday
AT LEAST with my own giveaways.
I am presenting almost all day Thursday...
and I have more stuff to giveaway then.

You will want to follow me on instagram
because I have these cards:
 I will post on Instagram a question AND where I am...

Then, you find me at ITK...
and answer the question first you get the freebie.
But I have plans for you guys at home too...
I have freebies for you too!
YOU answer the question on Instagram and
I will pick a random winner from there too!

AND My hot hubs is coming in so you might get a chance to see him.
{And YES he know about my Elvis obsession and married me anyways...
Our wedding song was Can't Help Falling in Love With You though...}

PLEASE come see me and say hi. 
I get a little shy around people I don't know, but please know it is just me. 
{Middle child syndrome... you know!}

I am just like you! 
AND I want to see each and every one of you because YOU are special to ME!
And I want to give free stuff!

Last by NOT least...
HEAD to FREEBILICIOUS NOW to enter to win an iPad mini.
That is right...
ONE for the conference and ONE for you folks at home!