July 08, 2014

Because I Love APPS... I am going to let you WIN one!

On Thursday I get the HONOR of presenting at I Teach K.
My first session is all about APPS...

I LOVE technology and I love using apps as a tool help guide learning.

I am constantly trying out apps and seeing which ones work for me.
The current app I am using with my own daughter is...

FIRST... I love the graphics.
ANYTHING different catches little learners attention.
And all the graphics match the words and the story so well.
This is great for reading strategies... like using the picture clues.

Also, students read basic sight words WITH word families and rhyming words!
And we all know how confusing and SKILL BUILDING
reading rhymes is...PERFECT for Kinders.

I also think the price on this app is crazy GOOD.
Each book is $1, but all the book are $10. 

My daughter really enjoys this app. 
She is a good reader to be starting Kindergarten, 
but this app allows her to grow into a better reader.

She can read the books by herself, or get audio support from the app.
I also LOVE that we can review the rhyming words on the left side FIRST.
She has gotten into the habit of reading the rhyme list to me before I even ask.

(And remember I do not get paid or get any incentive to talk about any app...
I just share the ones I use and love.)

I really feel that this app is good for beginning readers and worth the $10.
But I am going to GIVE AWAY one of these apps!
a Rafflecopter giveaway So, were is a collection of the Tech Tuesday Videos I have published...
ALL in one place!


  1. I am moving to kindergarten this year! I am super excited - I think I will definitely need to check out this app, it looks great! Fingers crossed to winning it, but you are right - great deal anyway!! :)

  2. I need apps for my new iPads!!!! This would be a perfect start and it looks amazing :)

  3. Love to win for my daughter! If it's open only to teachers, I know a great one, too!

  4. Going to need to check out this app for sure. Thanks

  5. I love stopping in to review you app opinions! Thanks for sharing your insights :)

  6. These look great. I need some new apps for my class. Hope I win these.

  7. I received 4 Ipads for my class midway through the year last year. So I am hoping to be on the ball with them this year and am looking for good things to use with them. This would be a great start! :)

  8. I'm definitely going to check this app out, it looks great!!

  9. We are just starting with ipads in our classrooms. This would be a great way to start.

  10. These books look like a great suggestion! Thanks!

  11. Thanks for hosting the iPad giveaway! I really wish I could be in Las Vegas too!

  12. This looks like a great app.
    Just wanted to say it was great meeting you at the blogger meet up Wednesday. Thanks for following me around �� �� �� ��

  13. This looks like a great app for my students!

  14. Mary, thank you so much for sharing this great app. I'd love to use it with my sweet kindergarten kiddos this year!

  15. Do you know for the apps, if once Ive put them on my ipad do I need wifi to use them?