March 19, 2014

More About Sight Word Stations~First Grade
 Did you check out the other post all about how I set up my Sight Word Stations with Mrs. Hoffer?

 Then you are going to LOVE this post how we use these stations...

I broke all the Primer sight words down into a 7 weeks bundle... covering 6 words a week.

Then I made 14 activities using just these words for EACH week.

First, let me say that these stations have been a welcoming and fun game changer in my classroom.
My students are working directly with sight words for a few minutes every day.
They are doing FUN activities they want to complete...
they are spelling the words...
they are saying the words...
they are reading the words.

Here are my kids using the Doodle Mats.
{I got these mats MUCH cheaper at Walmart than the link that shows, 
but I want you to see what they are...
Notice the sight word tent that I forgot to print on cardstock... 
it didn't stand up as well. Just saying...}

Here is a little wonderful coloring using crayons and the Rainbow Word sheet.

Here are some little loves making sentences using sight words.
I change the sentences out weekly, but the words used stay the same.
{And since I know how tough it is to get packs of words with all the words you need.
These packs INCLUDE printable COLOR CODED sight word sheets 
for Primer and PrePrimer words as well.
I don't have time to hunt for words in other sets... 
so I am going to assume you don't either.}

 I also set up the Read Along Station for this set of words.
Here is a little wonderful reading along with the sight word sheet.
Each pack comes with a 7 sentence Read Along WITH a recording file.
{YES... I even recorded the sheet and directions for you!}

 Once the recording reads over the sentences twice,
the little learners follow the directions given to color code sight words.

Here is a sentence scramble on our pocket chart.

Here is a set of secret code words being decoded.

 And my little wonderfuls unscrambling words.
And here is a picture of a Read, Build, and Write.

Here is a link to the PrePrimer Bundle Pack.

Here is a link to the First Grade Bundle Pack.
(I accidentally published the First Grade pack instead of the Primer pack.
Please forgive me! I am fixing all links and such now.
I promise to make it up to everyone.)

I know you are going to LOVE these stations as much as I do.
I know your students are going to BEG you to keep working on these words like my students do.

And does it work???
I can only tell you want is happening in my room.
Prep time for me is easier and so much better.

Every student in my room is learning at least one word a week.
Most of my students are learning at least 5 of the words each week.
Many of my students are learning ALL of the words each week.

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  1. I love the whole idea of having sight word centers!

  2. I love the diversity in these activities... and I have to say I love the fact that it looks like you've put extensive work into having it all prepped to make it easier to put into use in my room immediately!!!

    1. I really did EVERYTHING I could to make this print and go...

  3. Love the read along station. Great idea!

  4. This looks like a great way to get the students INVOLVED with the sight words!

  5. Love your center ideas! I'm always searching for more sight word center ideas for my pre-k class. Looks like your kiddos loved the centers, too!

  6. Love your center ideas! I'm always searching for more sight word center ideas for my pre-k class. Looks like your kiddos loved the centers, too!

  7. I love these! They would be perfect in my working with word center!

  8. I love the idea of daily sight word centers! Excited to try this with my class!

  9. Thanks for making a great activity. I will need to purchase this set. I am going to try this in my class.

  10. These centers looks fantastic! Love all the different ways to practice sight words. I really like the listening center and then following the directions to highlight the sight words in the sentences. These are on my wish list!

    Luv My Kinders

  11. You have some great ideas for each of the stations. Great following directions stations.

  12. Love the easy prep time and the differentiation of activities!! Really love making the words with the number codes, good integration with math.

  13. You have created some great ideas and all in one spot! I could use this with my intervention many kiddos, so little time!

  14. Thank you for getting the pack ready to go! It makes the EOY so much easier :-)

  15. The read along station is such a great idea! Thanks, this makes prep time so much easier!

  16. This looks great! I'm always looking for a better way to teach sight words!

  17. You organized them so well! Great ideas and easy to create and get ready! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!
    Differentiation Station Creations

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  19. I LOVE everything about your new sight word station units! I especially like the listening center idea.

    Thanks for all that you share and create! Stacey

  20. Great ideas that look so fun!! If you need your folded paper to stand up, try using a folder (a good strong one) tipped on its side. You can just lay the paper over the folder and tape it to stay. :0)

  21. These activities look great. I love how my kiddos would be able to do these independently. I LOVE the listening center idea. This is an area I always need new ideas for!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  22. Activities are engaging and diverse. Can you make an editable version? Thanks!

    1. I can't make it editable bc there are so many fonts in here... like the dotted print and boxes... it is impossible. I would if I could...

  23. I love that the stations have fun games/activities for the students to play/learn the very important sight words. Thanks for creating them and sharing them. I also love the options you have for differentiation. Another thing I love is that they are cute. I want to play with them!

  24. What an awesome idea!! This looks great, thanks for sharing :)

  25. Fun, independent activities to keep the students engaged

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  30. I love this!! I am a resource teacher and this practice would be extremely helpful for them!!

  31. We have breakfast in the classroom and we work on sight word activities while we eat. This would be perfect for that.

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  33. I love how simple to explain to my kindergartners these centers will be:-)

  34. I absolutely love these...the easy prep is the best part, which as buyer is really important. This is my first year teaching kindergarten. I taught third and fourth for years...but needed a change. And what a change it has been...I've never worked harder in my life...but love it so much as well! I'm smitten with these little guys :) I just finished assessing for report cards and noticed that sight words was an area they are lacking in....this pack would help tremendously (...and all your products have so far)! Thanks again for sharing!

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Kindergarten