March 10, 2014

Get Your Clothing Fix

I hate clothes shopping. I mean... I really loathe it.

Khakis and a solid top are about as good as it gets.
 {I had about 10 sweaters that were exactly the same just different colors.
I loved them but I was informed that is was horrendous and must stop ASAP.}

I want to beg the world for an adult version of Gymboree.
Here is a collection of clothes and you can mix and match. 

Where am I going with this? 
I have found a solution to my lameness and boring clothing choice.
Stitch Fix

You sign up and answer come "style" questions. 
{I put that word in quotes because I have ZERO idea of style actually is!}
You also give them lifestyle guides like what things you do and what kind of clothes you need.
And you give them a price range
Then you set up a date to get a shipment from a stylist.

Um... you mean someone else will pick out clothes for me and ship them to me?
And I do nothing but answer some questions?

This is my second shipment box from StichFix so let me walk you through it.
When you open it up, you see a beautiful box with instructions. 
The clothes are still hidden.
You get a return bag for the items you don't want to keep 
and a card explaining why these items were picked for you and where you can wear them. 
{YES, I need all the help I can get.}
Then you get to open up the clothes.
This fix came in a small box. I was very curious.
I took out the items and this was what I got.
Here were my 4 clothing fixes.

I immediately loved the colors! 
I was screaming YES in my head.
Hubs said, BLACK! I love black.
But those red pants popped out at me too!

Then I opened up the small box.
It was earrings! Simple, pretty earrings!

Then I consulted the styling guide to see their suggestions 
on mixing up my clothing items with their fix items.
{No, the fixes are not outfits, but separate pieces.}

Since I have to style, I NEED this!
Then, I went through my clothes and matched up their fixes with my clothes.
Here is another shot.
I got three outfits ready from this fix. 
{One of the shirts they sent was too thin to wear with the cold weather we have had.}
I know what you are thinking... how much does this cost?
They give you a pricing sheet with each item and its price.
You have to pay a $20 styling fee for the fix and shipping
 {Well worth their effort in my opinion!}
That price is deducted if you make a purchase. 
{Fair enough}
If you buy ALL the items, you get an additional discount.
All my items were under $200 for this Fix.

SOOO... now to the true test...
Did these Fix Clothes make it through a FULL day of real life...
down and dirty... you know... KINDERGARTEN.

I took a pic of me in my outfits after 11 or 12 hours, 
once I got BACK home that night.


Super comfortable and easy to wear.
 The baby made it a little tough, but no problems at school.
My ears are VERY sensitive to earrings and I can't wear cheap ones. 
In fact, I usually can't wear earrings two days in a row.
I was very pleased with these. 

Here was one of the shirts I wore with the earrings. 
  You can see the front and the back.
This fabric was very comfortable and I loved it.
{This is exactly what I would have picked for myself if I would ever enter a clothing store.}

Day 2 was out of my comfort zone.
I did not think this shirt and jacket matched.
The style guide said it did.

I actually had a jean jacket and a navy and white striped shirt...

The outfit was fine all day. I don't mind skinny jeans either.
I had trouble picking out shoes, but that is my own fault.

I got lots of compliments about this outfit!
My close friends knew it was StichFix and not myself.

Day 3 was the chevron striped sweater. 
I loved the material and I love to layer since I am always cold.
I put on a tan shirt, then a black shirt, then the sweater.
{Notice the hair... long night, rough am, and a full day of K.}
This was by far my favorite piece.

I still have not worn the fourth piece, but I plan to soon!

So... does this idea appeal to you?
I would love for you to click on {this} link and check out Stitch Fix on your own.
And please comment below if you want me to post more about StitchFix in the furutre?
{I am going to continue with my fixes, but do you want to read about it and see pictures of it too?}

My lovely Friend Maria from
actually both stated StitchFix at the same time! We didn't plan it or anything.


  1. I would LOVE to see more blogs on your Stitch fix :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I recently just signed up for it! So fun!! Shopping isn't always easy when you have a little one at home, so I loved this idea!

  3. So cute! I love those red pants! Like you, I am so grateful for my monthly fix!

  4. I can't wait. My 'fix' comes around the 20th!!! Just in time for spring break!

  5. This is a great plan. You look adorable in all the pictures! Please keep posting photos of your "stitch fix" arrivals. I love seeing what cute combos they put together.

    Do they send a box each month? Can you ask for quarterly boxes?

    Granny Goes to School

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