March 15, 2014

Center Saturday

Happy Center Saturday!

We had a TON of fun in my room this week, and we learned a lot too. {I love to make learning memorable because the I want the meaning of the lesson to last.}

This week we dove into Saint Patrick's Day with some cool activities.
We reviewed tons of math concepts as I am assessing for report cards. 
We talked about the letter Vv. 
And we did a talked a lot about force and motion.
Our sight word stations were Primer Week 7.

Here are our weekly work centers.

Yellow- In this Math center, we wrote in times to match the clocks. I look some simple shamrock notepads and added clocks from a worksheet. {I made 4 copies of the worksheet so each student gets their own set of clocks.}

 After cutting apart the clocks, I glued one set of the clocks to each set of shamrocks for my students. After laminating them and cutting them out, my students fill in their answers with dry erase markers.

{Yes, I have taught them time to the hour and half hour. I have found that by teaching them both, I can actually tell who gets the concepts better.}

Orange- This writing center is a fun way to review numbers and letters to make sight words. My little wonderfuls take their code breaker sheet to "break the code" to create sight words.

{This is my Pot of Gold Secret Code Words.}

Red- Our reading center this week was using the reader from There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover book. My little wonderfuls had to wrote the color word in the book and then read it to me.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well my student did writing and reading these books. And best yet, the books are also the perfect materials to use during our Daily 5 time.

{There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover Literacy Unit}

Purple- Our phonics center was about sound sorting sounds for the letter Vv and Ff. My kids confuse these sounds all the time and this activity really aided them in stopping to think on which sound is which. When I checked this station, my kids had to read me the pictures and say the words correctly.

{Vv Activities}

Blue- Our unit center this week, we create Irish flags. This was a very simple art project. Since we just completed our US unit on Presidents and Symbols... and we made the flag of US then... so making a flag of another country really connected the symbols unit for my kids.

To make this, I cut green and orange piece of construction paper into thirds. My little loves could easily create these flags on their own.

Green- Our last center this week was using these vacation kids and their luggage. My students have to organize their luggage in order.

This was a fun way to make ordering numbers more fun and meaningful. 

{Vv Activities}

Our computer center sheet was also a St. Patrick's Day theme.


  1. I think my students would go wild with excitement to be able to use these. They have very few of these kinds of activities.