January 19, 2014

Guest Blogger at Miss Kindergarten

I am so excited to be a guest blogger at an idol friend of mine's blog, Miss Kindergarten...
She just got a bloggy makeover and her site is looking AMAZING.
I am pumped to share some of technology love with her readers and mine.

So let's break down one of my BIGGEST technology frustrations in the classroom:
{Did you all just groan with me!?!}

How do you manage a student computer center in your classroom without actually sitting next to a student?
 How can you guide their play on set topics, get them to specific activities and videos to play? 
Who has time to preselect games and activities and memorize the link anyways?
What do you do when they click off the activity they are on? 
ARE YOU Frustrated? Are your students MORE frustrated?
You guys know how much I love technology. 
But sometimes we teachers are working too hard and our efforts are not working. 
My computer center was leaving me frustrated and my students frustrated. 
It is sad to see students choose to "play" something else because waiting on me to help them at the computer was a waste of their time.

I can't stand next to a computer and type in an address to a great game 22 times.
I can't be there in 2 seconds when a kid clicks off a game or a pop up occurs. 
{And we teachers KNOW how often this happens.}
I have figured out an AWESOME trick that is going to change the level of learning and independence in your computer center WITHOUT you being there. 
You can guide their learning, activities, and sites. 
And the best news is... I did all the work for you with these 9 pre-made center sheets. 
I also put together a quick and easy "How to" guide
AND video tutorial to show you exactly how EASY and WONDERFUL these sheets are going to make your life.

The video tutorial is on Hadar's Miss Kindergarten blog.
You can watch it here.
{If you already watched the video and you are asking yourself, 
where is the 100th day freebie??? Keep reading... it is coming.}

 So here they are: Computer Center Sheets!
I spent hours and hours searching the internet for activities and short educational videos 
FOR YOU to find themed sites with fun, educational and high interest learning activities on them.
I look for low or NO ads on the website.
I do not choose games that require additional sign ups or sign ins. 
All the sites are free!
I have listed if videos from you tube are included. 
ALL VIDEO links are through a filter to eliminate ads and other video links to click.

These premade sheets include:

Halloween sheet- 8 activity links
Thanksgiving sheet- 8 activity links
Veteran’s Day sheet- 4 activity links
Christmas sheet- 8 activity links
Winter sheet- 8 activity links
100 Days sheet- 6 activity links and 2 video links- FREEBIE in preview
Groundhog’s Day Sheet (with Lights and Shadows)- 4 activity links and 4 video links
Valentines Day Sheet- 8 activities links
Space – 6 activities links and 2 video links

And grab this freebie computer Center Cover for the 100th day please click on the image 
or {here.} This file is in the PREVIEW download.

I have one or two more Computer Center Covers on my FB page as Facebook Fan Freebies.
{But ALL my Computer Center Sheets are in the paid pack to make it as easy as possible for you.
If you can't download the sheets onto your computer from FB because it is blocked at school, download them onto your home computer and email them to you at school.}

What topics and themes would you like to see a Computer Center Sheet based on?
I love suggestions.

And thanks Hadar for letting me walk in your shoes for one day! 
You made my whole week better!



  1. when I click on the image, it says $5.00, not free!

    1. Sweet friend, the freebie is the preview download. It is an easy way to give a freebie and not clog my store. Under the product image , click preview and download that file and you will have it. Free!!! Promise!

    2. Oh!! Sorry, I misunderstood!! I'm just going to buy the whole pack for $5.00 and get one of my savvy techie kindergarten team members to show me how to do it!!! Thanks for a GREAT product!! (Even if I need help installing it!! =-) )

    3. Hehe... happens ALL the time. Do me a HUGE favor... watch the video yourself and try it on your computer now. I bet money you don't need ANY more help doing it. BUT... remember I also give you step by step directions. IT IS SO EASY TO USE. Watch the video... try it now... and come back and tell me how much you LOVE me for saving computer centers in your classroom. Hehe

  2. I was able to get the freebie. Can't wait to try it out with my sweeties! What a great idea! Thank you!

  3. This is such an awesome idea! Thank you so much!!

  4. I love it so much Mary!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  5. Oh Mary! thanks so much for sharing!!!! I tried the November one and it was awesome!!!!! But I am bummed :( I do not have FB :( how else can I get this marvelous pack?

    1. The link above allows you to buy all of them in one place... I added a many more sheets and made it easy.

  6. These are great!! I can't wait to try them out!


  7. This is such a wonderful idea. I am excited to try this freebie even though I only have 1 computer. Love the new blog design, too! :)

  8. Thank- you for sharing! Looovveeee the new blog design as well!!

  9. Thanks Mary! I love this idea. I used it for Veterans Day. It was nice to have everything in one spot. I wish I had computers in the room. I just put it up on the smart board as a whole group. I was wondering if you ever used safeshare.tv to get rid of the adds on youtube. It's real easy to use. I use it to copy and paste onto my symbaloo page. Thanks again for sharing kindergarten.

    1. Thanks for the tip... ALL the videos I used go through a similar filter... pureview... to eliminate the adds as well. I wanted everything in these packs to be as easy for teachers as possible.

  10. SOOOOOO very thrilled to have come across your blog today! I have been looking for something just like this for years...REALLY! Thank you for creating this. I am BEYOND excited to get this downloaded at school. YIPPEE!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  11. Mary, Ioved the you tube link...LOVED hearing your voice. Thanks for a fabulous idea! You are a genius. I could NEVER have done this. UGH....I never liked computer time before. This is a life saver!