January 07, 2014

Easy as {Eskimo} Pie

 Happy Snow Day!
It didn't actually snow here in GA, but man is it COLD. 
We had yesterday and today off of school, so I was able to spend a LOT of time with the girls and spend a little bit of time on my newest art project.
{E is teething and is pretty miserable. 
She got shot on Friday, has teeth coming in, 
and still isn't sleeping through the night.}

Here is a look at this pack called Easy as {Eskimo} Pie.


The center of the pack is the Eskimo Art Project. {I included directions and tracers to make this as easy as pie for you to prep and for your students to create.}

I adore the cotton on the Eskimo's head. {You can add the cotton to other parts of his outfit as well.}

I don't know if you can see the pink nose and cheeks, but they are there.

A great book to use with this art project is Mama, Do You Love Me?

I also made a new Write Me Three sheet with a word wall. The prompt starts with the phrase, "They see..." and your students write in the things the child and mother see and talk about in the story.

The word wall is optional, but it helps those struggling writers. I will also ask my students to add a describing word to their phrase.

Whne they read these sheets, they say, 
"They see a big dog. They see a white polar bear. They see the moon." Then when they can connect ideas in a single sentence they can write, ' They see a big dog, a white polar bear, and the moon."

 I included three additional writing prompts to go along with this story, one of which is blank for many open ended uses.

And because my class {and yours!} LOVE to color... and because they are all returning to the classroom to a new pack of 24 crayons... I had to include a few color by number sheets.
{I am in LOVE with that little Huskey dog picture! I mean how cute is that!?!}

The coloring sheets do not have to go with the book, but they make a great story companion.

And why did I type coloring sheets- as in pural? Is it a typo? {NO- not this time, although I am an AWFUL typer!}

I made two color by number sheets, and one of them is free! 
This sheet is a freebie in the preview download.
{Click {here} because it is Easy as an {Eskimo} Pie... right?}

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. Thanks for the great freebie. The unit is wonderful!

  2. This is an awesome packet! thank you for the freebie and I will be putting this packet on my wishlist. In my neck of the woods, this is a perfect theme for March, we usually do this kind of stuff before and during the Iditarod! It is so strange, our weather is mild compared to yours at the moment and we are way North of you! hang in there, Paula @ educatingchildrenwithdisabilities.blogspot.com