January 23, 2014

Dollar Store Ideas

I hate shopping... I mean I really, really HATE shopping.
{My husband actually buys all my clothes thank goodness!}

My friend Reagan 

shared a fun post a few months ago about the cool finds she grabbed at a local dollar store. 
And I knew I had to make a stop...

 Typically, if I can't Amazon Prime it, I am not buying it. 
And after a few months of never getting to the store. 
{Sadly yes, with both girls anything I want to do just never seems to actually happen...ever!}
But, I had to get my oldest daughter's birthday supplies 
and I found myself, gulp, at the dollar store at last.}

So here were my purchases.
{I did the random, "I am just checking my phone, but oops... took a picture" move.}

I look my bags {minus the cups for the party} and laid them out on the table at school.
 This folks is a $15 classroom investment.
{Always buy coloring books at the dollar store!
They go so quickly it isn't worth buying them else where.
My kids this year LOVE coloring so I am happy to spend
a few dollars for a fun center coloring book.}

My first AMAZING find was a Betty Crocker Dough Scrapper.
Ummm... hello play dough center
We are going to use these scrappers to help clean up the play dough mess.
{I bake often with my kids at school so I can easily wash it from this station and use it for real food.}
I got two for school and one for home.

I also grabbed this brush and dustpan set for the sand table.
{I should have gotten 4, one for each of the kids in that center.}

I got another broom and dust pan for this week's topic of the water cycle.
We made instant snow in tubs and it gets MESSY.
A softer broom seems to do better cleaning up the snow.
Since I will add water to the tubs and
"fluff" up the snow for the next week,
I wanted this station to have a very clean broom.

I also got these grow tablets to show how water changes things for this topic.
 {I also like to show kids this because I explain that THIS is what happens to capsule pills we swallow with medicine to make us better. The water breaks down the outside and the medicine gets into our bodies. Most kids still drink or chew their medication, but it is still a cool lesson.}

I had to get some standard "teacher" supplies as well.
You know how we all love baking pans, fly swatters, and  
colored Popsicle sticks. I have plans for these fun supplies!

I may have to invest in the dollar store a little more often...


  1. Love the idea of using a dough scrapper. I just started using one for baking and had not thought about using it for play dough. Amazon prime makes everything easier!

    The Math Maniac

  2. Mary your start of your post had me giggling! I love to shop... WAY TOO MUCH! It's literally a hobby of mine and a bad one at that. How about we switch places for the hate and love of shopping?! Haha... anyway... you have some great finds! I went there last week to see if they had placemats for my art center. My students love to watercolors and use daubers to create a variety of things, which stain the tables. Magic erasers work miracles but I have gone through several... so I thought a placemat might help keep the tables clean. Sure enough, The Dollar Tree had adorable zebra print placemats that were perfect for the animal print/jungle theme in my classroom. SCORE! You mentioned you do your shopping on Amazon prime, I never heard of it, but now I need to go check it out! Oooo $79 a year... is it worth it?! I'm thinking I'll start with the 30 day trial! How are the variety of teacher items on the site?

    I is for Inspire

    1. You can shop for me anytime... blah!
      It is worth that amount bc I don't pay for shipping! I did the math and I spend more than $80 on amazon shipping last year... not anymore. And with the baby, this is my lifeline! I do get teacher things, but I also get baby items, books, toys, whatever keeps me out of a store! haha

  3. Great finds, Mary! Note to self...go to Dollar Store this weekend!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. Which dollar store did you go to? Amazon Prime is so worth it. Get your family to share, as you can have 4 people share one account. They can live anywhere in the US.

    1. Great tip... I will talk with the family about who wants in... although I tend to be more techy than most. hehe

    2. Chaya,

      Thank you for the advice! I'll be bothering my sisters to go in on it with me ;)

  5. That dough scraper is a great die- thanks. I love the Dollar Store so many great finds.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  6. I had to giggle when I saw that your husband did your clothes shopping. Lucky you! If I let my hubs do it it might (would) be a total disaster. Lately the Victoria's Secret catalog has been my shopping go to. From my couch to my door that is. They actually have some pretty cute clothes and I always get surprised looks when people ask me where I got it. Love the spring shaped flyswatters, I may have to venture out to the dollar store myself. Thanks for a great post.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. I have bought from VS before and gotten great clothes that really last. I can do online shopping, but the rest is up to hubs for sure. He does great. It was hard for him when I was pregnant and then right after because neither one of us had a clue what size I actually wore. He didn't want to get them too big and make me mad. haha