January 18, 2014

Center Saturday

 Hey sweet readers... Are you ready for some FUN center Saturday ideas?
This week we learned about the letter Nn, -ut family, building number sense, and Winter Animals.

Math- My little mathematicians used these fun snowmen and penguin notepads with numbers on them to compare. Students had to write <,>,= in the middle of the numbers. I was AMAZED at how well my students did on these cards.

Writing- I had some wonderful writers using this activity from Carl's Corner using the -ut word family. It was a great practice to write in -ut words in the boxes. I wasn't sure if this would be too hard for my kids to do independently, but they ROCKED it.

Reading- These super smart readers used my Nn word cards to write Nn words. Some of these words are tough for some readers, but I knew these kids would try their best... and they did.         {Nn Letter Pack}

Phonics- We spent time this station to match the letter to the initial sound card. (I am so embarrassed that I didn't print these in color this week. I am still upset about it. Ironically, my kids didn't care at all.) This card set shows the letter Ss and a spoon.        {Nn Letter Pack}

Blue- For our unit we read the walrus ten frame card and wrote the correct number in the matching icy home. Seriously stupendous job! I am def making more of these in the near future. I am so glad we are doing the polar bear one this upcoming week! {Arctic Animal Pack}

Green- We made these FUN polar bear art projects using my template and directions. We colored the skin black because polar bears have black skin. Then we covered the template with oatmeal... a lot of oatmeal. {We have ants in our classroom and oatmeal actually kills them so this is a win-win for everyone.} {Arctic Animal Pack}

I have something VERY fun lined up for you guys tomorrow so PLEASE head back here to check out something I KNOW KNOW KNOW you are going to love.


  1. It amazes me on where your students are with reading and writing words. Our kindergarten hasn't started sounding out CVC words yet. That begins next week in our Fundations program.

  2. Love the snowmen! It is so important for kids to have lots of practice using the <, > symbols.

    The Math Maniac