January 30, 2013

Some Sweet Love

What is that I hear?
Oh... it is just my printer getting all those FUN activities ready for Valentines Day!
 I love teaching using holidays. It makes the students happy and myself happy.
 I have several FUN things lined up for the next two weeks.
And I also have a freebie for you!

I made a set of Sweet Game Boards that are just the boards and cards, so they are completely open ended for any and all of your needs. I use these for sight word recognition and addition fact games. 
I also updated my Valentine Secret Code Words pack. This has been a class favorite for years and I love it because you have to use letter and number recongiton to build the sight word, then I can assess if you know the word!
I also added a Valentine Math Centers pack that I am seriously in LOVE LOVE LOVE with.
here on TpT, here on TN
This pack has a little of everything! I think I am going to use math stations to take care of all this great learning FUN!

Here is a freebie game board you can grab now. I hope you LOVE it as well.
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


Freebie Fridays

January 29, 2013

Techy Tuesday

 My school LOVES Reading Eggs, the computer site to assist students in buling reading skills.
We can't afford it for our whole school, but I found a great new app from the makers of Reading Eggs to share!

Say "Hi" to Eggy Alphabet!
This cheap game is so much fun and well worth the cost. 
You can assign students to slots and allow them to play to learn both uppercase and lowercase letters. 

You can choose between learning letters and playing letter games... BOTH ARE interactive and fun!
I love that students can play themselves with no verbal props or support, but there are little speaker icons for those who need assistance. (For example, if they don't know what the picture is.)'

Here is a screen shot of the lowercase "a" dot to dot game. The eggs on the bottom show how many times the student has to try to get it right... lots of great writing practice.
{Side note-My brother in law got me an iPad stylus (pen) that I itching to try with these apps to for my kiddos who need to practice using something in their hand verse their finger. I will let you know how it goes.}

These app creator also made sight word apps called Eggy 100 (lite version) and Eggy 250 which I LOVE! 
It is the best sight word practice for my students I have found!
The problem with these apps is you can't assign student and they are previews (kinda) to advertise their Reading Eggs sight. I hope the change it a little bit to the Eggy Alphabet format because this one is so much easier to use! It is still a great resources for sight word practice and a TON of fun, so it is worth looking into for your classroom.

(Please note, I did not recieve any money for this post or review of this app. I am just sharing what I like and didn't like with you guys!)

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


January 27, 2013

What a Weekend and the Letter Ss

 This has been a busy weekend for my family! My daughter got her new "Princess" bedroom delivered Saturday AM. Thus, I have been doing drawer/closet/room swapping. I mean, if you are changing drawers... you might as well check sizes, store away the older size, and prep the newer size coming. And you know what that means... T.I.M.E!

But... it is coming together nicely.  The attic and me are about to become close friends as well.

I managed to get my Ss pack done last week, but uploaded it tonight. My stuff is printed, prepped, and ready for this upcoming week! WOO HOO!


 And here is a page from my FREE phonics sheets for you to grab!
Click on the picture or {here} to download all these sheets.
Click {here} to download the D'Nealian version.

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


January 26, 2013

Center Saturday

 What an awesome week at school. We learned about the letter Ee, -et family, the water cycle, and we began addition!
Here is a picture glimpse of my work centers this week.
Yellow- Math- We matched the mittens digital clock and time to the hour. I purpose fully didn't let the mittens actually match, as to NOT give them a hint of the matches.
Orange- Writing- We did our Snowman Write Me Three activity. We described what the snowman had. I asked the students to use the word wall provided to write the object last, then add a describing word in the middle. Most students chose color words or number words. Check out this work!

Red- Reading- We sorted the snowmen into letters, words, and sentences. I asked my students to read me the sentences.

Purple- Phonics- We completed these Winter Animal Sentence Scrambles. This set has 5 words in each sentence and this was tough... but my class LOVES them! I let my students work together to finish these faster.

Blue- Unit- We completed these ready made 100 charts. I can't remember where I got them, but I am thinking they are from Evan Moor.

Green- Unit- We did these fun Winter Animal Graphs. They also love these activities. 

I hope these pictures and descriptions give you some FUN ideas for learning this week! We had a BLAST.

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


January 23, 2013

Ee Phonics Freebie

 This week we are learning about the letter Ee... FINALLY!
This is the most important vowel in my opinion and my kids have been confusing it with the Ii all year. I can't wait to get down and dirty to teach them and practice with this letter.

I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the Letter Ee. You can check it out here with the Ee ideas I like {here.}
{Here} is also a link to see my Elmer the Elephant activity I made last year.

I also made a letter Ee pack for this letter, focusing a lot on what my student confuse and misunderstand often with this letter. 
here in TpT, here on TN
My favorite activity is the long and short e sorting activity using eggs and nests.
And finally... your freebie!
I uploaded BOTH versions of the phonics sheets, as promised.
{Vent- We have a new internet and it sucks! It is taking me FOREVER to upload anything and everything, so I am super frustrated with it. I am talking over an hour for these phonics sheets. BLAH!}

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


January 22, 2013

New Dr. Jean Freebie

Dr. Jean and I collaborated on a new freebie for you guys... fluency cards!
You can find these for FREE on my TpT site {here
But I want you to head to Dr. Jean's brand new TpT store to grab these fluency cards and follower her there!
click on the picture or {here} to grab these cards... FREE!
I am so excited Dr. Jean in on TpT. She also has an amazing MLK Jr. Package.
It contains a power point that is shown here
see it {here}
that goes with her Stand Up for MLK song with the SONG included!
I know I am teaching MLK Jr. this week, so this pack is perfect for me!

Freebie Fridays

January 20, 2013

Getting Ready For Groundhog Day

It is coming... next week is Groundhog Day!
I am planning for it now. Are you?
Okay... I get it. WHO has the time to get it all together?
I know the hardest lessons to plan are science and social studies for me, but they are the most fun to teach. Well, I did all the work for you on this one!

I went through my groundhog unit and added several new activities and revamps it. It is better than ever now!
click on the picture or {here} on TpT, {here} on TN
BUT... the week of Groundhog Day, I always teach about lights and shadows as well.
Here is my science unit dedicated to just this... and it is so much fun!
There are some GREAT books to use and resources to grab, so get this unit now, then you can use Amazon to grab the books to use, and then you can be ready to go in a week!
grab it here on TpT

I will take LOTS of pictures to show you what we do and learn!
I love this week of lesson plans!

One thing I want you to GO GET NOW are these glasses to diffuse light to "see" the colors inside it.  This is a great way to proof that light contains all the colors in the rainbow and they are so much FUN!

Have so much fun planning and getting ready for a GREAT groundhog's week ahead!

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


January 19, 2013

Center Saturday

Welcome to Center Saturday... when I tell you all about our weekly work centers!

First I have to show you a fun picture.
We have been working on writing a lot this week. Here is a picture of who we turned our write me three activities into paragraph writing.
 First we wrote our using our Write Me Three Sheets and Word Walls.
Then worked on writing the sentences out on paper.
(We will later work on using pronouns and such to change some of the sentences and build on them additionally. This is just the first step.)
Next, we double checked for capital letters in the beginning of the sentence, punctuation at the end of the sentence, and no random capital letters.
Last, we did a FUN listening and following directions to draw our penguins on our journals.  

(This prompt with word wall is in my Arctic Animal Unit found here on TpT, here on TN.)

I made a whole pack of writing activities for winter in case you are interested.
click here for this pack of JUST Write Me Three & More Writing activities.

 Okay... onto the center activities!
This week we learned about the letter Nn, the -ap family, we reviewed counting coins and introduced time to the half hour, and winter animals. 

Remember to look at the border color to match to the description below.
Yellow- Math- I used these penguin notepads to make these counting money activity. I added a money amount to the penguins in a different color per student (making 5 sets total, one with red, green, blue, etc.) I gave my students real coins and had them create that money combination. They had to complete 6 penguin amounts each.

Orange- Writing- I used a Write Me Three activity from my Arctic Animal Unit. This one was for caribou. I have found this way of writing isn't overwhelming for students and allows them to think through what they are writing better. {Arctic Animal Unit here}

Red- Reading- I forgot to take a student picture of this, but we sorting our ABC nuts and put them in order. The more we practice this skill, the faster my students get! {Nn Activities here}

Purple- Phonics- we sorted word families into groups. This sorting had -ap, -at, and -an families.

Blue- Unit- we used our past unit of Landforms to write th words like Earth. This was a tough one for my students, but they only had to find 6 words.

Are you guys off for MLK Jr. day on Monday?

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


January 16, 2013

The Letter Nn

Are you ready for some freebie phonics sheets for the letter Nn?

Here is my simple Letter Nn pack for this week!
click the picture or {here} to get this product on TN only
here on TpT

January 15, 2013

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow Freebie

I have a FUN writing freebie for you guys based on the book, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow.
Here is your freebie sheet that is found in the download preview...
and here is the link to the pack so you can grab this freebie!
here on TpT, here on TN
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


Freebie Fridays