August 05, 2013

First Day of School

 Today is the first day of school for my daughter... gulp! She is in PreK!!!... 
and for my 23 new students who I am sure I am going to LOVE!

But... I am not at school today. 
I am taking my daughter S to PreK and being a mommy!
 In fact, I get to be a mommy for the next week weeks as I finish up my maternity leave. 

I am sad that I can't be at school to start the year off right, 
but I have the best sub ever and I know my kids will be in the best hands 
until I am ready to be both a teacher AND a mommy.

But, I do have some fun tips to share for the first day of school!

Here are some tips about the first day of Kindergarten for you to keep in mind!
Enjoy your first day of school!


  1. Thank you! I am teaching kindergarten for the first time, come September and your TIPS reassured me that I can do this! I've got this!:) Would I be able to get these as posters, to remind myself each day? I'm willing to pay! :)

  2. this is my 31st year teaching & we all still need to remember these! thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great reminders!

  4. I'd love to see everyone's ideas for the first day of school activities for kinders. Anyone know if someone has blogged about it?

  5. Great advice. So happy to hear you can take your own child to school. It is the very best. Enjoy your last few weeks at home with your new bundle.

    Here's to a great first day.


  6. Thanks for sharing with your Back to School tips.Every year I feel as if I am a new teacher.

    Enjoy Teaching English