July 28, 2013

Letter Uu

High Ho, High Ho... Thru the Letters We Go!
Here is the letter Uu pack!
here on TpT, here on TN
This pack contains:
Uu Printables
5 sheets- Uu Letter Cards
Number and Letter Writing-4 differentiated options for each
Uu Phonics- Sheets, sensory cards, and charts
Uu Word- Use the cards to make short u words
Umpire Letter Fill ins-With worksheet

I am getting closer and closer to finishing all the letter packs... so hold tight just a little longer!


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    1. Hi Mary!
      I continue to follow your blog! Youa re amazing and very busy! One question - do you plan to publish your emergent readers that you use for guided reading and do you use these acitvities with everyone in the class or just for those who are struggling with letter and sound recognition?
      Thanks so much!