June 05, 2013

Behavioral Charts

This past year I used a new behavioral management system to encourage my kids to make GOOD choices, even if they make a mistake during the day. IT WORKED amazingly and was exactly the kind of system I was looking for. It allows for children to be children, but still recover and focus on making GOOD choices. Plus, I could easily reward students who always behavior above what is expected... as it should be.

I had to revamp this clip chart a little bit to make it better than ever for the upcoming school year... because, well it is FUN! Since I have a monkey themed room that I LOVE... I created a monkey themed clip art to match.
Here is an updated picture of my new behavioral chart set up for the new year.
I separated the parts to make room for clips. I had a lot of boys last year and that side got crowded when I put them together in a row... this way my kids can put their clips all the way around the part they are on! The vines were for fun!

Here is my pack of Monkey Behavioral Charts that has 6 fun themed posters
WITH handouts for parents already done for you.
Let me show you the handouts I have ready to go for parents. You can leave them in agendas or folders all year, or send them home weekly.
here are these awesome monkey charts

 I also had some requests for different themed charts. I made a bee set and a frog set.

Each set has themed behavioral charts AND parent notes.
And I have promised some teachers an owl set is on its way! I am trying to find the perfect graphics to use to make everyone happy... brown owls or colorful owls???


  1. I would love an owl behavior chart! My room is colorful owls :)

  2. Those monkey behavior charts are ADORABLE, Mary!!!

  3. I would love to see some colorful owls. Very cute!