April 16, 2013

Pictures of Learning and Long Vowels Freebie

A picture's worth a thousand words...
and they help me "get it" so much more than just words, 
so I took some pictures to capture our hard work this week!

We are working on some great reading strategies in our CAFE.
For some reason my readers, even my really good ones,
start to slack off some from time to time.

They start "guess reading" for lack of a better term.
They know the words, it is almost like they are too lazy to "think" about it for a minute.
This happens every year, so I thought you guys might like the tip on what I am doing about it.

After we reviewed this strategy, I took out our LOOK carefully at letters and words strategy card and placed it in FRONT of my conferencing readers.
 I reminded them of the strategy before they would read.
It was amazing how much better they did with that card IN FRONT OF THEM.
click here to grab these reading strategy cards
 Also during daily 5, we worked on our Secret Code Words
 since reviewing these tricky sight words words great for this strategy as well.
(I mean, who doesn't confuse words like was and saw?)

Here are my code breakers working on the second fry list words...
grab the secret code file here
 This small pack is so much fun and ready for your use in so many ways.
First, all the learning options allow your students to create sight words using numbers and letters.
Your students can work on all the words from Fry's second list,
or you can pull out just the words you want them to use.
Or you can also have your student use the worksheet option, like I showed above.

There is two options... one with QR codes for self checking and another without the QR codes.
And in Science, we have been learning all about insects.
We sang the insect body part song and
we are working on matching labeling the caterpillar and butterfly body parts.
You can see one of my sweet girls sounding out the sounds in her body part word to figure it out.
  This is from The Very Hungry Caterpillar {Unit}
check out this unit here
Another group worked on their April Write Me Three sheet.
This one is more open ended and made them work a little hard.
They used their word wall provided as well as our monthly calendar
from the classroom to write about three things we celebrate in April.
Write Me Three Months pack is here

I hope you have been loving the freebie phonics sheets I have been making.
Since my class has been using the Recipe for Reading letter order...
we are moving onto long vowels this week.
 Here is a peek at the five sets of sheets.
grab it here
Since my other file is HUGE... I put the long vowel sheets onto a new download. 
Click on the picture or link above. 

I have to warn you, I am really pushing my little learners with these sheet this week. My group is ready and I want them to be more independent with sounding out long words and writing them then I have been seeing. I hope you group is ready for the challenge as well.


  1. We started our long vowels last week, beginning with the silent/sneaky/bossy/ninja "e" haha!! Thank you , thank you for this amazing freebie!! LOVE your other phonics sheets!

  2. Great freebie! My kids will love it. Thanks!

  3. This is wonderful! I just went through teaching all about the long vowels and this is wonderful- will do lots of review with it! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Loooooove all of the goodies in this post! :)
    Apples and ABC's

  5. Thank you! I was so excited to find this one and the 'oo' one on your site. Now, I think I have the complete set. My kinder-bears are becoming stronger readers because of your packets and other creative ideas.

  6. Thanks so much for the freebie! Your Awesome!!!!

  7. Thank you for the long vowel freebie. I can use it right now to review with my first graders.