February 11, 2013

We are Out of This World about Space!

 This past week we became explorers... and we went out of this world to explore space!
Wow. My little learners loved every minute of it and made me so proud!
And can I just say F.U.N!

Here are some of the projects we completed to make our learning memorable and fun!

We made a space book with a page for the Sun, Earth, moon, and constellations. We collected I Think/I Know charts to document our growth and knowledge buidling this week.
But my students really LOVED putting the planets in order and filling out their planet sheet.
 We do so much more, but this gives you just a glimpse of the amazing activities all about Space this week!

And I also completed the /th/ phonics sheets for you guys to download.

regular font here, D'Nealian here
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. Your space plans look awesome! I love your digraph pages! Thank you!
    Crayons and Curls

  2. Sounds interesting. Looks like you are a specialist on this because you just made it so easy to be with you, motivated me to learn more on the subject!
    Pre School Education