February 05, 2013

Monkey Word App

 As a Kindergarten teacher... I find reading apps frustrating. My kids know their letters and sounds but are not great independent readers... yet. We are in between.
Most of the apps I have seen cover basics, or assume your students already know how to read...
BUT  have found an app perfect word building and using words!

From the makers of Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Monkey Math School Sunshine (both great apps that I highly recommend) comes 

Monkey Word School Adventure.
This app focuses on more than JUST letters... but using letters, sight words, phonics, and spelling. It included intros to digraphs, blends, irregular vowels, and such, but in a way that allows students to be successful.

This is an "assigned game" meaning students can be assigned their own game and you can edit the setttings to allow each student to work on what they need... BUT they have an automatic adjusting "Knack Technology" that will adjust the difficuluty FOR YOU!

There are 6 games to play...
-Spelling Stone- Spelling practice- look at the pictures below.

-Sight Birds- to practice sight words
-Letter Writing-
-Word Wall- word finds that help teach kids to find words without frustrating them. 
-Rhyming Maze-which every kid needs extra practice with!
-Sticker area to collect your stickers (rewards) in! FUN! Here is an example of one sticker area.
  You can check out this app {here} for the amazing cost of $1.99. 

(I don't set or control the price. It may change, but at the time of this post, this is what it costs.)
Also know, I was not asked nor paid to post this app for you guys. I bought it, used it, and LOVED it all on my own!
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. I will be using this one too! Have you tried abcmouse.com? They are having a free membership offer now for all public school teachers. Head on over if you have not signed up.

    1. I have an account for abcmouse but I have never sat down to learn how to use it! Sad, but true! My ipads are just so easy... because I have them set up for success already. One day... I will tackle abcmouse.

  2. This app looks fabulous. Thanks! Renee

  3. do you have a recommendation for a numbers app? Im looking for one to help with recognition, writing etc?