February 16, 2013

Center Saturday

Here is a overview of my weekly work centers this past week.

We worked on the /th/ blend, addition, and Presidents and US Symbols Unit. We also reviewed the /sh/ sound from last week and our Space Unit.

Yellow- Math- Addition. I had to add a larger picture of this to show you what we did.
I bought some small heart containers at the dollar store. They open up, but were plain on the outside and inside. 4 hearts were pink and 4 were red.
I numbered the hearts with a sharpie and put an addition problem on each... without the answer on the outside. The answer is only on the inside when you open the heart.
Student have to write out the addition sentence and solve it BEFORE they open the heart to check it. They record there info on this simple record sheet. At the bottom, they write their own math sentence.

Orange- Writing- My students were obsessed with the planets after learning about them last week. I used this writing activity from my Space Lesson Plans Plus unit to foster their passion. Each student got to finish the sentence to write about 6 planets, using a word wall to help them. Many chose color words or simple describing words, but a few kids got crafty. I love it!

Red- Reading- My students wrote /sh/ words on these fish cards. The words were fish, shed, trash, shark, shelf, etc. They did so well! WAY TO GO GUYS!

Purple- Phonics-  We sorted digraph shells for /sh/ and /th/ words!

Blue- Unit- We actually made a Washington Crafty from Cupcake for a Teacher, but didn't take any pictures. We also put together these USA puzzles for our US Symbols. Although this looks easy, it took them a few minutes. I made 4 different puzzles and cut them apart differently. Some kids did all the different puzzles for the fun of it. You can find it {here.}

I hope this post gives you a few FUN ideas for your classroom!
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. If anyone picks up the heart boxes on clearance and they have words on them, I found that "goof off" type liquid cleaned the words off easily. Just wanted to share.

  2. Love the addition hearts. I see those "poppers" and have never known what to do with them. This is a great idea.

    Granny Goes to School