February 02, 2013

Center Saturday

I am so excited about February being here that I changed the color of my Center Saturday post.
I am over the cold and hoping that groundhog does NOT see his shadow today... I NEED warmer weather people.

This week we learned about the letter Ss, -un family, Lights and Shadows {love it!}, and Groundhog Day.

Here are our weekly centers. 
Yellow- Math- We did some number comparing using snowmen and penguins. Students had to fill in the <, >, or = sign.
Orange- Writing- We practiced number writing. Those teens are so tough for my kiddos.
Red- Phonics- We ordered suns in ABC order. I have an updated version of this in my Ss Activities pack.
Purple- Reading- We used these picture mats to work on learning and using our Groundhog Day Vocabulary words like sun, clouds, groundhog, Spring, Winter, Shadow, and no shadow. This was not easy for my kids, but they did well. {Here is the activity pack.}
Blue- Unit- We made these CUTE groundhogs to top our writing activity from the week. {Here} is a link to the groundhog writing and {here} is the link where I got the idea from! I love Pinterest.
Green- Unit- We practices sink/float activities from our unit last week with our discussion about snow and water. {The picture isn't showing up well so I didn't include it.}

Hope this gives you some help for FUN center ideas!
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


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