January 14, 2013

Write Me Three Packs

What a weekend!
Hubs ran his FIRST 1/2 marathon at Disney World. (That is 13.1 miles for all those peeps like me who don't "get" the running lingo!")
We missed seeing him cross the finish line because traffic getting to him so SO BAD! We waited 45 minutes to get a bus to get there. He did great though and we were so proud of him! Then, we celebrated our sweet daughter's 4th birthday with PRINCESS PRINCESS PRINCESS everything!
After driving home all day, we arrived home at 8:30pm and yes- I am teaching in the am!

 I had lots of computer time in the car to create... so I am busy loading those items to TpT, which is taking me forever!

I had so many requests for items this past week. I have tried my very best to follow up and follow through... if I forget, just email me again. (I get over 100 emails a day!!)

So many people loved my Write Me Three Christmas freebie and asked for a pack dedicated to these writing activities... so I created one just for the Winter!
here on TpT, here on TN
Each activity comes with its own word wall and writing prompt(s). 
It is made for easy student use and writing success! You can level these writing activities as well.

Then, I created a Spring Pack as well!
here on TpT, here on TN
I hope these meet up to your expectations and desires!
I am off the bed... I AM EXHAUSTED, but so very blessed!

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Congrats to your husband!

    Kindergarten Kel

  2. These look amazing. I am working on a post right now about how I'm in a writing rut with my K kiddos. I am feeling like this group is a little behind from my previous classes. Anyway, these look like they could help me out a ton! Thanks Mary and congrats to your husband. One of my friends ran the full at Disney. My props to anyone who can do it.

    Kinder Kraziness

  3. These look great, Mary. Congrats to your husband. Sounds like you had a blast. Renee

  4. These are on my wishlist!

  5. Congrats to your husband!!!
    And these packs look amazing!
    Crayons and Curls