January 27, 2013

What a Weekend and the Letter Ss

 This has been a busy weekend for my family! My daughter got her new "Princess" bedroom delivered Saturday AM. Thus, I have been doing drawer/closet/room swapping. I mean, if you are changing drawers... you might as well check sizes, store away the older size, and prep the newer size coming. And you know what that means... T.I.M.E!

But... it is coming together nicely.  The attic and me are about to become close friends as well.

I managed to get my Ss pack done last week, but uploaded it tonight. My stuff is printed, prepped, and ready for this upcoming week! WOO HOO!


 And here is a page from my FREE phonics sheets for you to grab!
Click on the picture or {here} to download all these sheets.
Click {here} to download the D'Nealian version.

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


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