January 11, 2013

Time Is Ticking

How many of you still teach your kids to tell time?
I know it isn't part of the common core, but I still teach time to the hour. It is a great way to apply math skills, it is needed, and it is easy for my kids to pick up!
The only problem I have it that, well, none of the clock I can buy are worth the money. Many are too expensive or hard to store, or just don't last!

My first year teaching... in 2003 {yeah, I told on myself!} I made these clocks using a clock notepad, cut out "hands" in red for the hour hand and blue for the minute hand, and a brad. I laminated each piece separately, then assembled them so they can be manipulated by the students themselves. They have lasted better than any other clocks I have AND we use them way more. Plus, they store FLAT in my filing cabinet.
I went looking for a link for these exact notepads, but I could not find one. You may not be able to get the EXACT clock faces, but I know there are other ones out there. You can look at your local school supply store for the clock faces.

I hope this little tip helps!
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing.


  2. They're cute! I don't know that I've ever seen clocks notebooks where I live.... Might be a google job for me! I use the old plastic plate with numbers written/stuck on.... Not nearly as cute as yours! Thank you for sharing :)


    Early Years Fun

  3. I've never thought about doing that, but they are adorable!

  4. Great idea Mary! An inexpensive way for every child to have their own clock to manipulate.

    Granny Goes to School

  5. What a great idea! And this would be an excellent way for each student to have their own at the ready in a folder or binder. Love it!


  6. Great idea and a way for each child to have one to use. I wonder if I could find a Google image to use? Off to look...