January 06, 2013

Technology Back On

What an odd weekend for technology NOT to work at my house. Let me just tell you what has happened...
-Flipcamera software stopped working
-Computer (almost crashed) and we had trouble getting it working, only to discover there was a CD in the ROM and the computer was trying to read THAT instead of starting. (Yeah, that was a huge "my bad" moment!)
-My computer wouldn't read my camera's memory card, so I was unable to give you my usual Center Saturday post with pictures!
BLAH! Please tell me you can relate to the technology downfalls!
We got all that working and my computer has decided to read the memory card today, so I can NOW give you pictures from our centers this past week. 

We only went to school Thursday and Friday, so I only put out 3 work centers. I also have been working to assess students for their report cards. They are rocking and rolling and learning SO MUCH. I am super proud of them. 
For Math in yellow, we did a money graph using real money to sort and color. I think it is smarter to use real money than fake.
For Writing in orange, we filled in the race cars with their missing letters. This is always a class favorite.
For Phonics in purple, we sorted the robots according to the pictures/sounds for Rr, Bb, Ww, and Pp.  This activity was the one I made on my teacher workday and I was so excited about it. The kids did great and LOVED every minute of it!

I am working hard on my letter Ff pack for the upcoming week AND my freebie Ff phonics sheets, so hold tight. If I can get a good napper out of my daughter I MAY get it done before too late tonight!

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


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  1. Cute ideas! I am a new K teacher blogger! I am a Kindergarten teacher right outside of Nashville (Franklin). I am trying to get my name out there and for people to check out my blog. I am having a hard time tapping in to the teaching blogging world. Any advice/shout-outs would be greatly appreciated!
    Elizabeth Hall