January 02, 2013

Teacher Workday HOORAY!

Today was our FIRST teacher workday since August... and boy did I need it!

I always put Christmas away before I leave for Christmas break, so today I tackled lots of other things. Here is what I worked on today...
-I redid desk plates and seating order. All my students have to write their first and last name after Christmas.
-I prep journals to be added to book baskets. I usually get this done way before now, but I've waiting because my students are almost ready to write on their own. I believe now is a great time to get it going. I use the cheapo Starfall Journals. 
 They are under $1 when you order enough for your class. You can check them out {here.}
-I worked on the door to my classroom. I can't find the sign I always use and it is driving me NUTS! I may have to remake it or come up with something better.{Sign}
- I dusted all my shelves. They get so GROSS after a while.I worked on lesson plans for next week. I have some great stuff planned and I can't wait! You, on the other hand... will have to! haha
- I made a new FUN Rr game my kids are going to love! I made it "not digital" but I will share the idea on my Center Saturday post.
-I made our landform books using construction paper. 
-I also updated one of my bonus center. I changed the words from three letters to four letter words AND you have to complete three words to earn your bonus!
-I have the same color pipe cleaners for each row. I used a post it to write the word on it and added the correct letter beads to the pocket. Students need to read the word, make the word on the pipe cleaner, and read it to me. I then write the color they completed next to their name, so they can't do it again for a bonus.

Here is an image and the link to the beads I use in my class.
I know I did a TON today... but when I write it down it seems like not a lot... BUT I really worked hard. NOW... on to report card assessment and preparation.

Also... I updated my signiture to include my custom Melonhead... let me know what you think...
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. Super cute Melonhead!

    LOVE the word activity! Please explain more on the color coding and how you track/record what they read.

  2. A teachers work is never done. Wish we had a workday to welcome us back

  3. Wow were you busy. The Melonhead is adorable. Love your word activity - would also like more info on this - super center idea!

  4. I remember when those journals were free. Man I feel old!

    Love the pocket chart idea. That's the idea that can keep going and going!

    Jen from Simply Kinder

  5. Where do you get the letter beads??? I have never seen them:(

    1. I added a pic and link to the beads I got for my classroom.

  6. I love that center idea with the sight words and pipe cleaners. It will be perfect for my kiddos. Where did you get that pocket chart?
    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  7. Same here- Love the pocket chart. I could definitely use it for a PreK word wall or ALpha wall. Were did you find that?

    1. Carson Dellosa Double Smart Pocket Chart