January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about the upcoming year and all the great things that can happen. 
I am hoping this will be the best year yet.
2012 started my blogging journey and I am LOVING it. I hope to continue for this year as well.

I was able to finish my Fry Sight Words 101-200 Pack last night and post it this am!
grab it {here}on Tpt, Here on TN
 I also added sensory phonics sheets to the first pack and made the cover a little cuter...
grab it {here} on TpT, here on TN
I am printing off booklets for list 1 and 2 tomorrow for my students to take home. I can't wait to see their sight word success using these materials. 

I thought these packs would be quick to make... boy was I WRONG... they take forever! haha
I also printed all the worksheets out in black and white to "test" them and they look great. I color coded all the first 100 words yellow and the second 100 words orange so the teacher can keep them straight, if needed.  I am a color coder for sure!

I report to school tomorrow, so I better get everything ready now!
We have our FIRST teacher workday since AUGUST tomorrow and I need to do so much. 


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