January 20, 2013

Getting Ready For Groundhog Day

It is coming... next week is Groundhog Day!
I am planning for it now. Are you?
Okay... I get it. WHO has the time to get it all together?
I know the hardest lessons to plan are science and social studies for me, but they are the most fun to teach. Well, I did all the work for you on this one!

I went through my groundhog unit and added several new activities and revamps it. It is better than ever now!
click on the picture or {here} on TpT, {here} on TN
BUT... the week of Groundhog Day, I always teach about lights and shadows as well.
Here is my science unit dedicated to just this... and it is so much fun!
There are some GREAT books to use and resources to grab, so get this unit now, then you can use Amazon to grab the books to use, and then you can be ready to go in a week!
grab it here on TpT

I will take LOTS of pictures to show you what we do and learn!
I love this week of lesson plans!

One thing I want you to GO GET NOW are these glasses to diffuse light to "see" the colors inside it.  This is a great way to proof that light contains all the colors in the rainbow and they are so much FUN!

Have so much fun planning and getting ready for a GREAT groundhog's week ahead!

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


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  1. Love, love, love the refraction glasses! Bought and already received mine. Do you save these or let the children keep them? Thanks!