January 26, 2013

Center Saturday

 What an awesome week at school. We learned about the letter Ee, -et family, the water cycle, and we began addition!
Here is a picture glimpse of my work centers this week.
Yellow- Math- We matched the mittens digital clock and time to the hour. I purpose fully didn't let the mittens actually match, as to NOT give them a hint of the matches.
Orange- Writing- We did our Snowman Write Me Three activity. We described what the snowman had. I asked the students to use the word wall provided to write the object last, then add a describing word in the middle. Most students chose color words or number words. Check out this work!

Red- Reading- We sorted the snowmen into letters, words, and sentences. I asked my students to read me the sentences.

Purple- Phonics- We completed these Winter Animal Sentence Scrambles. This set has 5 words in each sentence and this was tough... but my class LOVES them! I let my students work together to finish these faster.

Blue- Unit- We completed these ready made 100 charts. I can't remember where I got them, but I am thinking they are from Evan Moor.

Green- Unit- We did these fun Winter Animal Graphs. They also love these activities. 

I hope these pictures and descriptions give you some FUN ideas for learning this week! We had a BLAST.

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten