January 19, 2013

Center Saturday

Welcome to Center Saturday... when I tell you all about our weekly work centers!

First I have to show you a fun picture.
We have been working on writing a lot this week. Here is a picture of who we turned our write me three activities into paragraph writing.
 First we wrote our using our Write Me Three Sheets and Word Walls.
Then worked on writing the sentences out on paper.
(We will later work on using pronouns and such to change some of the sentences and build on them additionally. This is just the first step.)
Next, we double checked for capital letters in the beginning of the sentence, punctuation at the end of the sentence, and no random capital letters.
Last, we did a FUN listening and following directions to draw our penguins on our journals.  

(This prompt with word wall is in my Arctic Animal Unit found here on TpT, here on TN.)

I made a whole pack of writing activities for winter in case you are interested.
click here for this pack of JUST Write Me Three & More Writing activities.

 Okay... onto the center activities!
This week we learned about the letter Nn, the -ap family, we reviewed counting coins and introduced time to the half hour, and winter animals. 

Remember to look at the border color to match to the description below.
Yellow- Math- I used these penguin notepads to make these counting money activity. I added a money amount to the penguins in a different color per student (making 5 sets total, one with red, green, blue, etc.) I gave my students real coins and had them create that money combination. They had to complete 6 penguin amounts each.

Orange- Writing- I used a Write Me Three activity from my Arctic Animal Unit. This one was for caribou. I have found this way of writing isn't overwhelming for students and allows them to think through what they are writing better. {Arctic Animal Unit here}

Red- Reading- I forgot to take a student picture of this, but we sorting our ABC nuts and put them in order. The more we practice this skill, the faster my students get! {Nn Activities here}

Purple- Phonics- we sorted word families into groups. This sorting had -ap, -at, and -an families.

Blue- Unit- we used our past unit of Landforms to write th words like Earth. This was a tough one for my students, but they only had to find 6 words.

Are you guys off for MLK Jr. day on Monday?

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



  1. I just downloaded your winter and spring Write Me Three products and can't wait to introduce them to my students. I've been trying to help my kinders expand past 1-2 sentences in their unprompted writing without any luck, and I think that this will be a great way to support them and show them how they can be successful writing MORE so that they may apply it to their unprompted writing as well. I love your TpT products - they are SO relevant and helpful... thank you!!!

  2. I like the way you divide the activities into different centers. Don't you find that the concepts stick so much better when you make something cute and eye appealing...Great job!!

  3. Adorable Arctic Animal unit. Perfect for winter! Love the graphics and fonts. Renee