November 30, 2012

Center Saturday

Welcome to Center Saturday, my weekly visual post where I show you and tell you what learning centers my students completed this week. 
This week we learned about the letter Pp, -ap family, sight word said, and began to do Christmas Around the World.
Remember that the border color on the pictures is what I use to tell you what that center is!

Yellow- Math- I made these popcorn containers with numbers on them (Cut out buddies from Carson Dellosa) and laminated them. My students use real popcorn to "fill" the container, aka place on top, to count out and match the number on that container. Great, fun, and YUMMY one to one correspondence practice. (I did add a similar, but standards based math activity to my Pp Activities Pack that I will use for next use. It uses ten frames*.)
Orange- this was a Mailbox worksheet where students write -ap at the end of the each word then circle the real words and cross out the silly words. I put onto colored construction paper and laminated.
Red- I made these pirate themed ABC order cards* (My students caught on to the pattern the cards which made me laugh... YOU SMART KIDDOS!)
Purple-  Parrot letter fill ins*... This never gets old!
Blue- Pencil number memory using teens. My kids have 0-10 and 20+, but struggle with those tens. This was a FUN extra practice time
Green- I forgot to take a picture. Most likely because my daughter was sick, then I was sick! Oops! It was a FUN dot to dot Turkey sheet and my kids RAN to this center because it was fun.

* These activities are found in my letter Pp Activities Pack. 
Click on the picture or {here} to grab this pack

Freebie Phonics-ch sound

 The next letter/sound in my freebie phonics sheets is the sound ch.
click picture or click {here} for link
 Remember this download has TONS of letters included in it.
There are standard versions and D'Nealian fonts included in here and it is all FREE.
here on TpT, here on TN
Honestly, I have TONS of ch stuff in my classroom, so I just needed some fun printables for this sound to use during Daily 5. Since I make everything for my classroom use, I made this simple ch printables pack to fit my needs. I hope it comes in handy for you as well.
I made sorts for c and ch, ch and tr, and beginning ch and ending ch sounds.
I also made word writing practice with ch blends and ch cards to use during sensory phonics.
(I also made it super cheap. I only had to charge because I had to buy a TON of graphics for this unit. I had no ch pictures on hand!)
Freebie Fridays

November 29, 2012

Writing Freebie

I am working on allowing my students to become better writers independently. This always seems like such a struggle because in D5, they are expected to write independently every day! 
(Yeah right- this is not always possible!)
I am working on creating materials for my kids to do independently, so I thought I would share with you!
Here are two Christmas themed Write Me Three activities with word walls... all for free!
Click on the picture or click {here} to grab these writing activities.

I always love some TpT feedback, so please leave me some when you rate this product.

November 28, 2012

And Down for the Count I Go!

So... first hubs get the flu, then baby girl gets sick. Both get better but then on Monday my daughter got an ear infection. Well... we thought that was all it was. I had a rough night THEN I woke up with the stomach bug this am! So... in my past two weeks, I have taught ONE day. That makes quality blogging a little tough. (That and my camera is downstairs, which I have no energy to get!)

I had some great lesson plans and fun learning activities set to go. Man... I hated to miss it!
I have been working in spurts from home, when I have enough energy!

Here is my new scramble activities
It uses 5 word sentences and is going to be a ton of fun!
My class loves these. 

Off to sleep some more!

November 27, 2012

Get it while it lasts...

Just a reminder that TODAY is the last day of the Cyber Monday Plus Tuesday sale!
All the items are back to normal price tomorrow, so stock up while you can get 28% off!
Then, leave feedback to earn TpT Credits for free items in the future.
 Think about your units for January and February too... because if you are like me, you have NO money in January anyways! I always update my units and add to them, so buy now and get an awesome deal for sure.
This ends at Midnight TONIGHT!

I recently updated these units:

 Okay... I am off to shop for some great items myself!

Back to real blog posts tomorrow!

November 24, 2012

Cyber Monday and Tuesday

How has your shopping adventure weekend gone?
I am NOT a fan of shopping, but I usually venture out to grab gifts for my HUGE family!
(Hubs and I are both the 3rd of 4 children!)


I love a good sale, and so does TpT.
Please note that I added TONS of new units this week and updated some older ones in preparation!

But... I gotta tell ya. I discovered a few goodies that are in my shopping cart to buy from others as well! ( Yeah, I buy as much as I create!)

 I always love a "Crystal Creation" from...
And I am in love with this sight word center set that you can edit using PPT!
AMAZING an def in my shopping cart.

  has s FUN unit that is HUGE for a small price... I am so in love with it! I think you will love it too!

  And y'all know I LOVE some Cupcake for the Teacher!
 I think I have purchases almost every single item from Teri's store!
Good thing she has added a TON more. My new "soon to be purchased" art is

Jodi from Fun in First Grade is an amazing teacher.
She has this FUN Christmas Activity Packet I have to have! This is a MUST check it out item!

A new to me blogger I somehow missed before *gasp!* is Teeny Tiny Teacher~I love her!
And she has this parts of speech pack I am going to purchase ASAP!
I mean seriously... how perfect are these cards!

November 23, 2012

Arctic FUN!

I started blogging a little less than a year ago... and boy has it been a journey. 
I learned how to do things on a computer that I never knew existed!
One of my first units every was this unit on Arctic Animals- really Winter Animals.
here on TpT, here on TN
 I used Word, an older computer, and had less experience.
Well, since I do this unit every January with my students, I went back into this unit and revamped it, updated it, and overall made it MUCH better!
I think you will be VERY happy with the changes and improvements!
I still need to add a few more math games and activities- but I am not sure where my kinders will be in math in January so I welcome your ideas here. 
(Also know that I totally plan to make this unit bigger.)

Here is the freebie I created a year ago, but one that is still good today!
5 differentiated number charts with the Winter Animal theme. 

 Click the picture or {here} to grab this freebie!

I hope you all have a great Black Friday and enjoy time with your families!
I will hopefully begin Christmas decorating today!

Freebie Fridays

November 22, 2012

Thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Although I am sure you are doing a TON of important family things today, I want to take a minute to show my gratitude to YOU!

It means the world to me that you each spend a little bit of your personal time with me. I love seeing high numbers of free downloads that are benefiting your student and your classrooms.  I also appreciate each and every purchase you make of your own money for your classroom.

I pondered how to show you my gratitude today...
The only thing I could think that you guys love is FREE stuff.
So... here is my idea! 
Leave a comment below tell me which item of mine you want the most for Christmas with your email address. I will pick a few random winners to be given THAT item!
(I will close it off Saturday and pick a few winners then.) 
Winners have been emailed!

Here are my Christmas units to choose from!

November 20, 2012

Sick Days

Today is full of good news and bad news!
Good News- Hubs is finally feeling better! He is not all better, but slightly better.
Bad News-We are thinking he had/has the flu!

Good News- I am working away from home.
Bad News- Baby girls is now sick and having movie days, which allows me to work. 
(I would take a picture of her pitiful eyes but you don't need to see it! It will break your heart!)
I don't think she has the flu, but she is fighting a cold for sure!

Anyways... I am going through my older units and revamping them for this year. I learned a LOT of tech tricks this year and I feel my products can be better now too!

Here is my updated There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow Literacy and Math Unit.
here on TpT, here on TN

One feature I LOVE about TpT is you can go under "My Purchases" to grab the updated version of this unit FOR FREE if you have already bought it! Score! Esp since I have added a TON of new stuff and updated every single page!

okay... off for naps for all!!
Yes, even me! Momma can not get sick or the whole family goes DOWN!
(Scratch that... everyone got a nap except me! BOO!)

November 19, 2012

All Aboard!

Well, hubs has been sick all weekend, so I have been home a lot.
Baby girl is also running a fever, so we have been watching Brave a lot, therefore...
I finished my Polar Express Unit sooner than expected!
And yes, there is a freebie involved for you!
Polar Express Unit for Kinders
I also aligned this to the common core, but I have to be honest.
The common core is the minimum that I teach to... the required passable amount.
So my students have to know how to write to 20,
but I teach them how to write to 100 by the end of the year.
(This unit goes to 50.)
The fact is... I feel my students excel because of this!
I am sure I am not alone here.

Here is the sequencing cards, reader, and game. 
sequencing cards, 10 page reader, and reading comp game
 Here are the 4 differentiated number practice sheets
and fill the ten frame game.
number practice and fill the ten frame game from Polar Express

And a glimpse of memory game, ABC Order, and "deliver the gift" word work game.
Polar express themed memory game, ABC Order, and "deliver the gift" word work game.

I made some freebie coloring sheets for you guys in the download preview.
Here is what the sheets look like.
(That means, go to the TpT link and click the download preview button. 
These sheets are in the download preview file.)
I also put this unit on sale this week!
freebie coloring sheets with a polar expresss theme
This happens to be my favorite Christmas book that I remember reading when I was in 1st grade!
I hope you enjoy these activities!

November 18, 2012

Pp Activities

This upcoming week, we are covering the letter Pp.
Here are the FUN activities we are going to help us learn.
(And look out for the FREEBIE as well!)

Here is my letter Pp Activities! They cover common core as well as FUN!
here on TpT, here on TN
 We will also be using my If You Give a Pig a Pancake Unit
grab it here

And of course, I uploaded the phonics sheets for FREE for you guys. You can get the regular version and the D'Nealian font for your needs.
click the picture or click here
 I hope you all have a PERFECT time teaching the letter Pp!

November 17, 2012

Center Saturday

Ya'll (Yes, I am southern and I have a slight draw)
know I LOVE Center Saturday!
 This is without a doubt my FAVORITE post of the week!
I love center time so much, so it makes complete sense.

This week we learned about (gasp) no letter... I don't feel too badly either... the -ip family, Thanksgiving, and the word "for."

Here is the picture glimpse:
  Remember I color code the border to give you the BIGGEST pictures possible.

Yellow-Math- Koala Comparing Numbers using ten frames with leaves in them. (grab it here)
Orange- Writing-This was a FUN writing activity to get my kids to write using nouns. The students had to write three things Native American HAD... and they could use the provided word wall. (grab it here)
Red- Reading- This looks easy, but it is a little tough in a good way. Students match the number words and color words to something in the picture that matches it! (grab it here)
Purple- Phonics- I made these Pilgrim rhyming cards years ago. Each match is a boy and girl pilgrim. I do not have a digital copy of this activity.
Blue-Unit- This is a FUN Fill the Ten Frame game I made using Native American symbols on a die. This was also a HUGE hit for my kids! (grab it here)
Green- Unit- We sequenced the story, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. (grab it here)

Hope these centers give you some good ideas for the upcoming week IF you have to teach.
I am so lucky to have the whole week off. 
(I will be baking away and hoping for NO SHOPPING on Black Friday as I hate shopping!!!)

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

November 15, 2012

Christmas with a FREEBIE

{Updated on 12/9/14}

It hit me today...
I have to start planning for Christmas this week!

 When I leave school on Friday,
I have to have all Thanksgiving put away and have my lesson plans
for the week we come back from the break!
{Breathe... Breathe...}
Good thing I have been busy making activities for when we come back!
Here is just a glimpse of what I have made so far!

Since I try every hard to tie in Reading to my Social Studies unit,
I am using the book...
There Was and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell.

These are the activities we use during reading centers and daily 5. 
We read the story and use the cards to put the parts in order.

I made this sequencing sheet to review story sequencing and ordinal numbers.

 We also use the cards as a visual cue for our reading comprehension game.
 My students RUN RUN RUN to this station.
They adore it.
And it is a great way to keep data points for RTI folders in a FUN way.

This game is awesome because we use reading questions
from the book to move our pieces along the game.
And boy do we get competitive.

Another station we ADORE is the Listening and Following Direction activity to color this picture.

 Of course this pack is huge and has so much more...
Here on TpT, Here on TN

And here is a freebie I know you will appreciate.

I know you guys will be able to use these freebies in your classroom for sure!
I hope these help put you in the holiday mood!

And if you need some more Christmas activities...
Freebie Fridays