October 31, 2012

Treats for Our Sweets

Happy Halloween all your amazing teachers out there!
Since the authors of Freebie-licious love you so much, we put together a trick or treat for all our teacher friends out there!

My freebie is perfect for November...
Grab it {here!}

I wish you all an amazing Halloween full of terrific treats and no tricks!

My freebie is just ONE part of my new Thanksgiving Unit.
I hope you check it out here.(Click on the picture for the link.)

Freebie Fridays

October 30, 2012

Celebrate Veterans Day

November is almost here... I can't wait for Halloween to be O.V.E.R! I love the holiday and festivities, but I do not like them on a Wednesday. I feel like the whole week is less productive. 

While getting my lesson plans ready for next week, I notice Veterans Day is approaching quickly! I made a simple and FUN unit to go over this holiday with my students.
here on TN, here on TpT
I plan on expanding on this unit... as soon as inspiration hits me!
 (I can't control when I have the creating skills and when I do not.)
 I made this unit to cover the needs my students need met for that week.

This unit includes
- chart to for the branches of the military
-Veterans are/have/serve chart with student copies.
-ABC order practice
-4 number fill ins for numbers 1-30
-Emergent Reader that is also a writing activity

October 29, 2012

Common Core

I was determined to finish a long standing project this week and I did! Boy, am I one happy girl!
Here is my completed Reading Strategies for 1st Common Core cards!
 These cards are very similar to my visual reading strategy cards(pictured below,) but these are specifically for the first grade common core. (I do not think you need both sets, but I had a lot of requests for this one so I made it for you guys anyways.)

One of my beloved first grade teachers friends got a hold of my the first set I made this summer and loved them as much as I did. (YEAH!) She said the common core added just a few new strategies, but the wording is different. I made these with sweet thoughts of her and you guys.

Here are the similar packs for K students (Again, you do not need both.)
Here is a picture of some of these cards in use in my room!
 Can I also *vent* for a brief comment. Someone I know bought a set of these cards and decided to "share" them with his/her staff. (I don't think they knew it was me they bought it from.) I don't know if they knew that was a huge no-no, so I reminded them nicely. Then, I wondered how many of you guys perhaps didn't know this either.

So, please let me say this to all of you very nicely. These cards (as well as each and every product I create) take a ton of time, money, and effort from me! You purchase a single copy meant for your classroom use only. If you are going to share the file, please purchases additional licenses. They are 50% of the original price on TPT and you can add them even after a purchase by going under "My Purchases" tab on TpT. I know it seems so easy to purchase and share the file with a friend... but that is a violation and wrong.
 (I also try to price all my items as cheaply and I give away a ton of free stuff because I value you guys so much!)

October 28, 2012

Jj Activities

This week my class will be learning all about the letter Jj. 
I made this pack to cover all the needs my class has for this upcoming week!

here on TPT, here on TN
  I am putting it on sale this week... so I hope you check it out. 
There is a freebie in the download preview as well!

I also created these phonics sheets for you guys, for free of course!
grab it here

October 27, 2012

Center Saturday

This week my class learned about the letter Ii, the -ig word family, the word "and," and about nocturnal animals.

Here are my work centers from this past week:

Math- This week we used a pumpkin number puzzles I created using tally marks, number identification, and ten frames. (Here)
Writing- ABC handwriting practice with dry erase markers from my Ii Activities pack.
Phonics- This is a Mailbox center- leaf sorting by the first sound
Unit- We did a FUN activity from Kindergarten Smiles new pack called All About Spiders (You can get it here) and we made owls.

I am doing daily stations for the Daily 5... so here is my question... do you want me to post those stations as well?

October 26, 2012

Freebie Friday

Earlier this week I presented you guys with three new book finds.
Creepy Carrots!, I Need My Monster, and Monster Mash.
(see that post here)
You guys voted... and the winner is...

So, here is your freebie file using this fun new book!
 I made a reading comprehension game with 36 questions, answer key, and 3 different writing prompts.

BUT... I got carried away and made another file on the book Creepy Carrots!
This freebie has 27 questions, answer key, and 3 different writing prompts.

You can get your FREEBIE download {here!} Grab them and use them because these stories do not have to be just for Halloween!

Freebie Fridays

October 24, 2012

Gobble, Gobble

I am not rushing Halloween... I promise.
I know many of you teacher like to plan ahead... like me! 
I made these units for the book, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
here on TN, here on TpT
here on TN, here on TpT
Swallowed a Pie book!
here on TpT
here on TpT
There are tons of common core integration here and I know you students will have so much fun learning!

October 23, 2012

Techy Tuesday HELP!

I got a great email this week:
I teach Kindergarten and received an IPod listening station through a Donors Choose grant.  However, I have been unable to use it  :(  I cannot find anyone who can help me - read your blog - and thought I would ask if you know what I need to do.  I want to be able to record  my own books and use them at the listening station.  I have tried recording through the headphone mike connected to the Ipod.  I can hear the story aloud, but the sound will not go through the listening system.   Then I recorded using Audacity (Lame), saved it as an Mp3 file, and synced it through my ITunes account.  It shows on the Ipod and in ITunes, but there is no sound.  Any suggestions?  I received this last February and still haven't been able to use it!  :(  Very disappointed.
Thanks for any ideas!

I have iPods but I do not use them for listening station. So... how do you use iPods for listening stations and how do you record your own stories?
(I am thinking I could do this for listening and following directions activities.)

Thanks for all your tech support here!

October 22, 2012

New Book Finds

I am addicted to Children's books... seriously!
I love reading them, teaching through them, and especially discovering new ones!
Here are my newest Halloween book finds that I hope you love as well!
The first one is Monster Mash by David Catrow. The pictures are amazing!
The words are the lyrics to the song, "Monster Mash" which is awesome because you can read the "song" to your class and explain it part by part. Then, let your class listen to the song again.
  Another GREAT illustrated book is I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll. These pictures look almost like a cartoon, they are THAT good! It is about a little boy who keeps a monster under his bed.
 And lastly... I got Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds. 
What I love about this book, the carrots are what scares the main character!
Everyone has different things
So here is the FUN part! I have time to make a FREE reading comprehension game for ONE of these books... and I am going to let you guys vote on which one you want the most. 
Seriously... I may even do some writing prompts.
All you have to do is check out each book by clicking the pictures above (which are Amazon links), then comment below with your favorite choice.
Is that simple enough... start commenting now until 10/25/12. I will *try* to post the freebie reading comprehension game on 10/26/12.

October 21, 2012

Letter Ii Ideas

 This week, my class will be learning about the letter Ii! I will be teaching then about both the long and short sound.
Here is my newest phonics pack with the letter Ii. I had a sweet request to make these phonics pack in D'Nealian script. I agreed! I have uploaded the regular pack and a D'Nealian pack with the code DN to it. (I was able to go back and update a few other letter to the DN as well.)
Grab your phonics packs here

I will be updating all my other letter packs to a DN version as well, little by little. I hope this helps all you teachers!

I also made a new letter pack with the letter Ii.
grab it here on TpT,    
 here on TN
I use ALL of these activities in my daily 5 stations or weekly centers. Since there are so many printables, I also have morning work options on hand!

What script type do you use at your school?

October 20, 2012

Center Saturday

What an amazing week at centers we had!
 I really worked my kids hard in a few of these areas and I play to continue to work them hard next week! My motto- You work hard, you play hard!
We are learning about the letter Tt, -at word family, sight word she, and pumpkins.
Here are our weekly centers.
Math- this is a ten frame matching activity I made based on the letter t for treasure chest. Each chest has a number on it and students have to match ten frame "jewels" to that chest. It was for numbers 0-20. {This was a part of my Tt Activities pack.) Number 0-10 were NOT hard for my students but numbers 11-20 were. Some students were adding using the ten frames without realizing it. We will be going more of these activities for SURE!

Writing- I made a simple handwriting sheet with the -at family words on it. We are working hard to use only lowercase letters in words.

Phonics- This is not the best picture, but it is what we did! It was a simple letter stamping activity for L, O, G, H, and T. They stamp the big letter, then the little letter, then write the letter. Overall, I wanted my students to work with stamps and ink pads so I can open up some more word work activities. And it is a little more fun that just writing letters. 

Reading- We put turkey cards in ABC order.   I made these 8 years ago! (GASP!)

But I did make a digital copy {here} in my Tt Activity pack.)

Unit- We traced and sponge painted pumpkins. Although this was FUN- tracing is hard for these students. They loved it, but tracing took them a bit to get use to. 

We also copied down the pumpkin chart we created as a class for Pumpkins- have, are, become. I printed out the flipchart we created and allowed students to pull from that. Since we filled out the flipchart together, it was meaningful writing and I heard great discussions about pumpkins why they were writing words onto their charts.

 (This is found in my Pumpkin Patch Activities Pack.)

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