September 30, 2012

1000 "Fall"owers Giveaway from the K "Tree"-o!

Two great Bloggin Gals, Marsha from A Differentiated Kindergarten and and Mary L. from Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives hit 1000 blog followers around the same time I did! We have been working for a few weeks for a GREAT and EASY giveaway for our amazing followers. 
Since I am NUTS About Fall, I am giving away my Nuts About Fall Unit
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September 29, 2012

Center Saturday

 My class ROCKED centers this week! They loved them and learned so much. Best yet, I am working hard on checking off report card elements at the same time! (SCORE!)

We are learning about the letter Ll, word have, and nuts and squirrels.

 Math- We ordered numbered acorns using sentence strips.*
Writing- we wrote about what we were nuts about using these sheets and a simple word wall.*
Phonics- I created this simple leaf sorting activity for all the letter sounds we have covered this year. GREAT assessment of letter id and sounds. The mats have the letter on them and the leaves had pictures on them.
Reading- Students had to read the number word and color words and draw a line to it on the picture.*
Unit- We sorted breakfast and dinner food from my If You Give a Moose a Muffin Unit. We read the book last week.
I forgot to take a picture of one of the groups, which was number matching.*

* Mean this activity was from my Nuts about Fall unit. 

 I can't believe it is already the weekend! For some reason Fall seems to FLY BY! 
I have to remind myself that October usually show more behaviors I need to get a hold of... you know... that "grace period" is OVER. 
How about your classroom behaviors?

September 28, 2012

Are you ready for Hh?

I pulled out my Hh file to prepare for next week and it was bad... I mean BAD!
I had almost no activities I could teach my students because of this new letter order. 
(We are changing from Saxon to Recipe for Reading.) 
This year is the growing pains year! I plan to make it worth my wild for years to come!
The good news is... I worked really hard... just ask hubs who is tired of seeing my computer... 
and put together a lot of fun and meaningful Hh activities.
Here on TpT
Here are 6 sets of activities. 
(I included lots of differentiation and printables included. 
I even have many math activities centered on H pictures!)

And... as always... I added the letter Ll from this week and Hh for next week to ALL my phonics activities FOR FREE!
Grab these sheets here for free.

I also have a quick success story to share!
One of my special friends had learning success this week! He was with me last year and knew only a handful of letters at the end of the year... HE GOT 6 SIGHT WORDS today! THIS IS HUGE!
I almost cried in front of him!

What about your success stories of the week?

Freebie Friday

As we are getting ready for October, head to my TpT store for There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat Lieteracy pack... and download this
sequencing sheet FREE in the preview download. (There is a color and B&W copy.)

Head {here} to find it!

Freebie Fridays

September 27, 2012

Leaf Rubbing Plates

I was at my local teacher supply store last week (which I worked at for almost 5 years before we had my daughter) and I saw something GREAT...

Click on the picture to see where to buy these at!

These are leaf rubbing plates! You use them to make leaf rubs of all sorts of leaves! I love these because I can show my class so many different leafs using these rubs, even if I don't have that type of leaf around. My pack came with a little paper that tells you which leaf is which! AWESOME!

This is also a HUGE help for my friends who struggle with their motor skills.SOme students are creating great fall leaf artwork while others are working on holding the paper and coloring with the right amount of pressure!

BEST yet- you can use these again and again!
What do you think of these leaf rubbing plates?

September 25, 2012

Techy Tuesday

I have an addiction to iPads. I think they are the single most exciting tech tool in classrooms today. 
I am discovering way to use them and manage them everyday!

Last school year, I had one iPad my husband bought for me to use. 
(And it went straight to the classroom!) 
This year, we have 3 iPads, 2 iPod Touches, and an old iPhone we use an an iPod Touch.
This is a picture example of my iPad station in my classroom with devices, mats, and headsets ready for student use.
I get two questions a LOT.
1. What are some great app? 
I have a list of our favorites on my blog under the page "Apps I Use."

2. How do you manage those devices?
This is an evovling process and I am NOT perfect at it. I learn and change 
and try and change
and try again and change.
A. One thing I find to be important is to assign devices. Some apps have assignment slots for students to play over a period of time and collect prizes and build on skills. Each student has to be entered into the app and know how to log in. All use a name and some even allow a students' personal photo. Some apps are open and anyone can "play" that game or work on that skill, but assigning devices will not hinder these games either.

Here is an example mat I created to help my students, which can not read, find their device. This mat is for a black iPod labeled C. (See below about labeling devices.) I would add a student photo and name to each box. This mat would be under the iPod C for easy student use. (I couldn't use a completed mat with actual names and pictures for safety reasons.) During small groups, each student HAS to go to their device.

B. Label Devices- I added numbers or letters to my backgrounds to label devices. I have my iPads as numbers and my iPods as letters. Last year I had color coded devices. I had a black iPad and a white iPad. This year I have awesome Otterboxes that hide the iPad colors. 
You can download my FREE numbers and directions to label your devices{here.}

C. Organize your Apps.- as your list of awesome apps grows... and it will very quickly... you will need a way to show students where they will need to go. I use to think starting the devices on that app was enough. I should have known better... they are going to exit out of the app at some point. I needed to SHOW them how to get back.  I organized all my iPads to have the exact same apps in the exact same place and organized by skill. Page 2 is assigned games, Page 3 is reading games, Page 4 is sight word games, Page 5 is math games, and Page 6 is Handwriting.

Then, I took a screen shot of each page and printed it out. (Can you see the #1 in the background of the picture? That shot was taken on device 1.) I put the pages in a page protector with ring binders. I can easily circle the app I want them to use on top of the page so they can find their way back to it if needed. 

Why did I choose a page protector? I am going to have to take and print new screen shots as I add or take away apps. This was an easy way to protect those pages while I used them and allows none of the sheets to get lost. 

D. Let them work, then let them play. I set a small timer by their devices. During small groups if they stay on the game I assigned and worked hard, when the timer does off, they get 3-4 minutes of the game they choose. It is a win- win. (They do better when they KNOW you will let them play!)

E. You will need headsets. Or else you will go insane and so will they.

{Here} is a link to my Power Point presentation I gave this summer over using iPads in Education.

What questions have I missed?

September 24, 2012

Making It Monday

Since I am not crafty and never will be... I am turning Making It Monday into what I make for my classroom or with my students. (They, of course, think I am super crafty and artistic. But then again, they think I am a good singer, so never trust a 5 year old!)

Last week while learning about the letter Mm, we cooked... a lot!
It was a delicious week! 
Every student of mine now knows and remembers the letter Mm makes the /m/ sound. 

We also discuss why we learn to read and why we learn about numbers... because we use these skills everyday, esp when we cook. I literally let my students measure, pour, stir, and create their items. I only finish it up and deal with the "heat" elements for safety.  We make a HUGE mess, but it is fun and very education. Plus, most of my students have never had these types of experiences at home and need to know these skills.

If you are looking for some more Mm activities, don't forget to download my FREE phonics sheets that use the Recipe for Reading Letter order.
grab it here
You can also grab my new and updated unit for the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin.
here on TpT, here on TN

Do you cook with your students? How often? Why or why not?

September 23, 2012

In 1492...

Here is my newest updated pack!
I created this pack and changed the graphics until I feel in love... 
so I hope you do as well.
Grab here on TpT, here on TN
I made this pack considering how little time I have actually teach... almost none! 
(We get two days off for Columbus Day, making this even harder to get to!)
I thought it would be easier to teach Columbus Day if I had materials to integrate it into the content areas... like reading and math. So I created this pack to meet my needs and hopefully yours. 

1. Books to use and digital resources
2. Chart– was, did, had chart- colorful and B&W versions
3. ABC order– This is a simple ABC order activity with worksheet and answer key.
4. Number order– for 1-10 and 1-20 with student worksheet and answer key.
5. Reader– colorful teacher edition and B&W student copy
6. Ship art– step by step directions with pictures and tracers

Do you get any time off for Columbus Day? 

September 22, 2012

Center Saturday

Centers this week were so much FUN! I created many of these games my first year teaching, so I have memories of creating them and cutting them out with Hubby watching UGA football on our Saturday afternoons or with the Falcons on Sunday.

This week we learned about the letter Mm, the -am word family, the number 10, sorting activities, and we are talking about seasons.
Math- These trees are Carson Dellosa Accents cut in half. I put monkeys in the trees and the number on the trunk. Students are to count and match.
Writing- Students are writing their spelling words in the -am family.
Phonics- Barrel of Monkey sorts- Letters are in Red, Numbers are in blue. I used this activity as an assessment of letters and their sounds, number recognition, and sorting before the letter order change this year. I ordered some new Cut Out Buddies from Carson Dellosa so I can remake this with our new letters. This is such a great and easy way to cover a lot of standards for Report Card Documentation. 
Reading- ABC order with Monkeys.
Unit- putting together season sequencing puzzle and making a scarecrow.

I also opened up two new "play" centers... train table and writing on the board!
{Here} is a link to my other Center Saturday posts for ideas and explanation on how I run centers.

September 20, 2012

Mm Phonics

I think you guys like free stuff... okay, so I know you guys like free stuff.

I was SHOCKED to see how many people downloaded my phonics sheets this past week. Seriously? 
As promised, I have now uploaded phonics sheets for the letter Mm.
I did change up some of the graphics to make it look nicer, so I hope all the pictures make sense so you can use them successfully. I am having a hard time coming up with words for my kinders to read with C, O, A, D, G, and M.

Bear with me... as soon as we get to some more letters, I will be able to make and use more words.

Click {here} for the freebie phonics file.

Do you have any word suggestions for these phonics sheets using the above letters?

Freebie Fridays

September 19, 2012

Dr. Jean Transitions Tips & Tricks and a GIVEAWAY

 Are you ready for a NEW Dr. Jean packet? This one is HUGE!
 It is a collection of over 140 Transitions Tips, & Tricks that every teacher NEEDS to make their classroom happy and running smoothly. 
Grab this pack here on TN or here on TpT

All the cards are color coded for easy management. There are 6 types of cards:
Attention Grabbers
Line Up
Clean Up
Circle Time Songs
Good-bye Songs
Citizenship and Such!

In honor of such a GREAT new item, I am so excited to be hosting a FUN giveaway!
I will be giving away ONE copy of this awesome DVD to ONE of my followers...
and it can be YOU!
All you have to do to enter is follow my blog.
The contest runs until the end of this month, 9/30/2012.

I use this DVD in my own classroom every day! I know you and your kiddos will LOVE it to.
It is perfect for 2 year olds through all of elementary school. 


September 16, 2012

Freebie For You!

I made these posters to help my students hold and fold their paper like a "hotdog" or a "hamburger."
I made this item a quick download and a FREEBIE!!!
Grab it {here!}

My idea is to use the yellow poster for normal display.
Use the orange poster to show students how to hold their paper for art...
and the purple poster is to show students how to fold their paper correctly.

I would LOVE for you to give me some great feedback as well.

I am also so excited because my favorite FREEBIE of all times is featured in the TpT Newsletter TODAY! Grab your freebie now if you haven't already!
here it is!
 Do you think these "Hold It! Fold It!" posters will help you and your little learners hold and fold paper?
Freebie Fridays

September 15, 2012

Center Saturday

This week we are learning about the letter Gg,
 the word like,
 the -og family, 
and seasons, specifically the fall.
Math- this looks like a simple ten frame worksheet, but it was tough for many of my kids who are still building number sense. I will be making more of these activities in the future as my class needs a LOT of practice with this.
Writing- again, this looks like easy writing, but I made my class use lowercase letters and play attention to that dotted line. 
Phonics- this is a game I made when I did the letter Gg with community helpers. I used mailboxes for letters with envelopes with pictures. Students have to match the beginning sound of the word to the correct beginning letter mailbox. This game had only L, O, and G options. They loved it and many played this game over and over again. It is FUN to play mailman!
Reading- we used this -og family game to match frogs to logs. The frogs had -og family pictures. The logs had the word. 
Unit- We did a fun season sort. You sort the pictures into the correct season. 
We also created this fun and easy scarecrow using The Mailbox step by step directions. SO CUTE.

I got the mailbox and frog accents from The Mailbox. I searched for the link for you and {here} it is. I am not making any money from sending you here, just trying to save you as much time as possible. I LOVE their cut out buddies and many of them are on sale now. I will be purchasing a new more asap so I can create some more games. 

I hope you can use some of these ideas in your classroom.

September 14, 2012

Nuts About Fall

I am so so so excited about my newest unit. I made it this past week and it took me forever!
Then I got it edited by my bestie bloggin buddy Caitlin and worked on it some more...
I am SO proud of all the activities in here. I updated some classroom favorites into digital items for you guys AND I added some new stuff to make learning fun in my room.(AND YOURS!)
Here on TN, Here on TpT

This unit is perfect for fall learning! 
It focuses on Nuts and Squirrels and Making Learning SO much FUN!

This pack includes:
Book Ideas
Squirrels can/have/are Charts
Ordering Numbers
Nutty Words
Color Word, Number Word Match
Number Word Matching
Tally Mark and Ten Frame Puzzles
Top It Off
I Am Nuts About Writing
Write Me 3
Acorn Art
Squirrel Art
BINGO Cards and Cover Ups

September 13, 2012

BeeHavior Charts

I had a request to make my Monkey Behavioral Chart into a bee theme... so I did it.

I think these "bee"havior charts are super cute and perfect for any and every bee themed classroom. 
(I almost never made something I don't actually use in my classroom... 
but I love to make you guys happy!)

BUT, I couldn't stop there... I thought it would be great to make a matching "While You Were Away..." Folder Cover. FOR FREE, of course!
download this folder cover here
 Click {here} to see how I use these absentee student folders.

Freebie Fridays

September 12, 2012

Making Maps {Part 3}

I almost forgot to post the ending activity we did on maps! 
Catch up on Part 1 {here}
and Part 2 {here}
Here are the maps we created and played with. We practiced make making on one side and then really got to work creating maps on the other. It is so hard for kinders to "get" the birds eye view concept. Some love it while other ignore it. Overall, they did AWESOME!
 I will not give away the other activity we did with maps, but it was so much fun! My kids went NUTS over it and had a blast.

These activities and more are found in my unit...
here on TN, here on TpT