May 31, 2012

Clean It Up!

This week... I cleaned up ALL my files. I went through every unit tub, every letter file, every word family, and every math game. It took days!

 Here is what I did...
1. I put each skill into an expandable file. It is each to keep all the parts together and put in and out of the filing cabinet.
2. I made sure each skill (and its parts) was labeled. For fractions, I made sections for wholes, equal parts, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. 
3. I put only a few copies of each activity in the files with a paper clip. I recycled all those loose and extra papers. (This saved me a TON of room!)
4. I put all hands on components like games behind the copies in the expandable files.

I was so happy to have this done... and so happy that it will be easier to keep up with these files in the future. I know there will be many changes with the Common Core rolling out, so I knew this was a perfect time to do this!

Do you use expandable files to organize your files?

May 29, 2012

Be My Teddy Bear... Freebie

(Are you reminded of Elvis Presley? I heart him!)
Since I am creating at least one freebie a week for the entire summer,  I have a new one to share. This was a request from many FB followers. Take a moment to request a theme you want a freebie on...
My Teddy Bear Unit is 17 pages and it has 5 activities...
1.Teddy Bear Numbers 0-30
2.Ten Frames to match Teddy Bear Numbers for numbers 1-10 only
3.Size Wise- sorting and ordering activity
4.Teddy Bear writing prompts.
5.Teddy Bear Graph Spinner and Recording Sheet

I took signup sheet off on June 4, 2012
Keep Looking for More Freebies!
It was only free for one week.

You can buy this unit here.

May 28, 2012

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Unit and TWO Freebies

 I just made my newest unit.... If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

Here is a peak at it....
Today is the last day of the Memorial Day Sale, so grab this new unit for 20% off now.

Tammy at Live Laugh Love Kindergarten made this fun freebie pack so I HAVE to share!
I also have a freebie to give you!

 I hope you enjoy!
I use this book when I teach the oo as in cookie sound... but when do you use it?
Comment below with addition idea and I may be able to create them digitally for you!

May 27, 2012

Top Teacher's Memorial Day Sale

I'm having a 20% off Memorial Day Sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and no promo code is needed. Please come by to check out my new items {and old ones!} on sale on May 27th and May 28th. 

I just found out about this sale. Hope you are excited and ready to stock up on a few things.

May 26, 2012

Target Dollar Spot Ideas!

I love some great Dollar Spot finds!
While at Target today with my sweet family, I saw these card sets.

Traffic Signs Cards
1. These cards are perfect for my maps unit. We can make simple signs using these and foam squares to hold them up. 
2. These signs can also be used inspiration so they can create their own road signs. 
3. If you save some of these signs, you can make an ABC order game with them.
4. With two decks of these, we can play a memory game or go fish game. They are two sided so I would have to back them with card stock and laminate first.
5. I am also thinking these could be used as table classroom management tools like STOP talking, ROAD CLOSED for can't come talk to me or a time out, H as in Hospital for band aids.
6. You could also play a road sign BINGO game on a road trip. Bring the cards and baggies- one with a smile face for each child and another blank. All cards start in the blank baggie. Each child can have 5 cards at a time. When they see that road sign, it goes into their smile face baggie and they can get a new card. The child with the most cards in their baggie wins!

Busy People Cards
1. These cards are perfect for community helpers.
2. Read the description of each person on the front and let the class guess what job they do!
3. Pass out a card to reading partners to let them act out reading that way. For example, they can read pretending to be a professor, reporter, train conductor, etc. Since they are two sided, each person can choose between two people or both can do the same.
4. If you save some of these signs, you can make an ABC order game with them.
5. With two decks of these, we can play a memory game or go fish game. They are two sided so I would have to back them with card stock and laminate first.
6. Creative Writing prompts- each child can get a card and use that community helper to write about.

Does this give you an idea of some FUN activities to do with these cheapo cards?
I would LOVE to see read some of your ideas also... so comment with them below!

May 25, 2012

Last Day... Hooray?

Today was the last day with my kids. I am ready for summer, but I miss them already. I have to remind myself that my job is done and they don't need me anymore. 
{What if I still need them?}

I have been super busy getting all the last minute stuff done. I make a paper and digital scrapbook, give class awards, sight word medals, and throw a party at a jumping place for my class. Now that all these things are done, I am preparing my classroom for the next year. 

Here is what I made last night to keep myself from dwelling on my sweet growing up Kinders. 
{I can't call them 1sr graders yet!}

And just because I can... head over to my Facebook page and comment on this post (it will appear Via Network Blogs) with your email address. I will give the first 5 folk the file for free.

What is your favorite children's book author and why?

May 22, 2012

End of the Year Clean Up

 I have an system for cleaning my classroom at the end of the school year
 I want to share with you.
I do not clean the classroom room at the end of the year...
my class and I clean the entire classroom together.
And it is easy...
 as 1, 2, 3.
Step 1. I change the choice board which normally is for Daily 5 into cleaning jobs in the room. 
Each student can select their job from the choices. 
They have to pick something. 
( You can use center clips as well. I have done that in years past.)

Step 2. I prepare the materials in the baskets each task will require.
Some baskets are empty because they do not need any supplies.
Here is a picture to show how the baskets will look.

You can see the yellow table will be to check the dry erase markers.
The purple table is to check and sharpen pencils.
The blue table is to sort and organize the number cards 1-100.
The red table is to sort the addition and subtraction cards into groups.
And the green table is cleaning, so it has baby wipes.

Step 3. I have additional areas to be cleaned listed and ready.
I write it on top of the dry erase board.

This way when a job is completed, that choice needs to be changed.
 Since my list is ready, I don't have to think or plan...
I know what does on the board next.

And yes I add to this list ALL THE TIME.
How do I get the class to do this?
 First, I ask them to help clean up for the next group of Kinders.
Many are hard workers and we have fun with this so they RUN to each task.
And there is the choice option as well.

For each job completed, I give a reward.
The small jobs like checking for working markers or erasing the word family charts,
I may give a mini marshmallow.

The BIG jobs like sorting sight word cards or cleaning shelves may get a bigger prize.
 I am up front about various rewards to encourage hard workers.  

I have learned to always make puzzles and games first.
They take the longest since I have so many puzzles and games.
I also help man the puzzles and my aid took games.
I also scatter the cleaning areas I post to the choice board so my kids are not all on top of each other.

Once an area is done... I close it for the year.
It is no longer an option.

Many, if not all, of these tasks have learning elements.
Like organizing number cards 1-100, or sorting addition and subtraction cards.

How do you get your classroom clean at the end of the year?

May 21, 2012

Brown Bear, Brown Bear... Freebie

I am making a goal to post a themed freebie each week over the summer. You can head to my Facebook Page to suggest an idea for a freebie.

Here is a picture of the first one!

The first week of school, my class reads this book...
Grab it here.
I love Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Hear? because it gives students confidence in reading from the start.
Since I am going to using The Daily 5 Framework this year, I made an emergent reader so each student can have a book in their book basket.
I also made sequencing cards using this book.
{And it is FREE!}

I am adding this to the FUN Picture Book Linky Party.
Hosted by

When does your class read this book?

May 20, 2012

Summer Idea

I am pretty sure I broke a blogging rule about posting two freebies two days in a row... but oh well!
If you haven't grabbed them, please read the posts below to pick them up. 

I am wrapping up my school year and I am having so much fun with my kids. I LOVE how independent they are this time of the year. They can read, write, and follow directions. I am keeping in mind that I will have to teach my new kiddos where to write their name on their paper and some will not know how to write their name at all!!!

Since I started blogging in December, I am unsure what will be happening over the summer as far as readers go. I plan on continuing to post ideas and such a few times a week. I have an idea to share with you.

This summer, I am going to let YOU pick a theme and I will create a freebie using that theme once a week. Head over to my Facebook page and post the theme(s) of your choice. 

Have a great Sunday! I can't wait to read the themes you want for your freebies.

May 19, 2012

Daily 5 Freebie

I was inspired by a another teacher this morning, so I got creating! 

This file allows you to create a two sided bookmark for your student who are Reading to Self and Reading to Someone. This bookmark is colorful and visual to help remind your students of the rules while reading. 

I, of course, asked her permission before posting. 

Are you currently using the Daily 5 framework?
Will you be using it next year?

May 18, 2012

Freebie Friday

 Here is a new game I made with the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff. I had a sweet lady ask me for more of these games on TpT. I always use this book in my room, so I can assume ya'll can use it as well. (I also has a few student really struggle with reading comprehension this year, hence why I have been creating so many of these games.)

Here is a peak...

I thought I would *try* something new...
I added the freebies for this unit to the preview. 
Download the preview to get 2 free writing prompts.
Please let me know what you think of getting freebies on this post under comments, I am honestly just curious if it will work better or worse. {Please be kind regardless. Thanks!}

May 17, 2012

Alice the Fairy

Here is a shot of all the David Shannon art projects I created.
Here is my Alice the Fairy art from the awesome book by David Shannon! I simply love him! I made this to go with my David Shannon Author Study.

Some of the teachers at my school didn't know about this book... WHAT! Have you read this book with your students or your own child?

May 16, 2012


There are two big giveaways going on in the Educational Blogging World... check them out.

Here is the link.

Here is the link.
I have items in both giveaways. I am hopeful that I will have a HUGE giveaway when I reach 500 followers as well. (hint, hint)

May 15, 2012

Techy Tuesday

I am on board with this Daily 5 framework. My biggest hold up has been listening stations. I simply don't have them because we have no working listening stations in our school to use. I have been using a CD player with headset, but that is only for one student. 

Here is the link.
I was ordering Scholastic books, when I saw their ad for Storia... a free app for iPads (not for iPhones or iTouch.) I downloaded it and go the 5 free books. I also was able to use my scholastic points to get other books for free! Score.

I love that this app helps students track text as it reads the words to the students. The expression is also great. My students are loving it.
(And no, I am not getting paid nor was I asked to write this post.)
I hope this little tip will come in handy for you as well.

What listening stations do you use in school? Would the Storia app help you?

May 14, 2012

Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell.

This time of year is CrAzY for me... how about you?
I am so glad I planned so far ahead this year. Pulling out my files with ready made activities is saving me! Here is one of those files we did this week using the book, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell. 

Don't forget to grab this freebie...
Grab it here.
Now... off to work on that to-do list! What is on your list?

May 12, 2012

Ocean Writing Prompt Freebie

Happy Mother's Day 
with a quick a Freebie
I got distracted today and made this freebie for you! I hope you can use this and enjoy.
It is a simple writing prompt activity for an ocean unit.

I made it to go with the fun ocean sentence scrambles.

Center Saturday

This is my week of work centers for the year! I can't believe I am typing those words. My school does a HUGE Kindergarten graduation play, so we will be practicing that every afternoon until we perform.
This week in centers...
Math- I found cute flipflop/sandal erasers from Oriental Trading years ago, so I made a simple graphing activity. My students love it. 
Writing- These 100s charts are from my There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell Math unit.I love that they are leveled for different students. I didn't have time to copy or laminate, so I put the sheets into page protectors. It works great.
Phonics- sorting the ch and c sounds. I got this from a Mailbox book a long time ago... perhaps a Phonemies book? I am not sure.
Unit- I made a number matching game with stars and used big numbers. We also finished out potato books. My students LOVE writing about their potato and seeing it growing and changing.

Do you have work centers for the last two weeks of school? When do you stop the work centers and let them be open centers?

May 11, 2012

David Shannon Art

 I feel like I have 15 million ideas to share and no time to get them together!
Here is a fun art idea to go with my David Shannon Author Study.
My kids love art so they ask me ALL the time to make it for them. 
I added a sheet from the pack too... these pictures are from the first book, No, David!
We are learning about the title of the story.
 I am added these tracers and a few more art tracers for other characters in my pack.

What David Shannon book is your favorite?

May 10, 2012

Choice Board

I am on my Daily 5 Integration Adventure... so here is a snapshot of my choice board. 
I put each of the 5 parts on a separate sheet of construction paper, so I can add each one as we can handle it or take one away as needed.  I am laminating each one so the student can write their name on the slot they are filling.
I think this element will be a huge management tool for my classroom.
I have these elements for the Daily 5 here.
(The choice board elements is what prompted me to make this pack. I know many other have posters out there and for free! I wanted a choice board to use and that was coordinated.)