March 31, 2012

Center Saturday

Here are the work centers we used this week in my kindergarten classroom. I love this time of day.
I have 6 work centers, 4 bonus centers, and lots of play centers. 
We are learning about /sh/ blend
sight word- does
Unit- Easter

Here are my work centers for this week.
Math- I made this spinner graph activity to go with  
Writing- Stamp and Write sight words- from Carl's Corner
Reading- I took notepads and some pics from The Mailbox to make a CVC word center. I laminated them and the students write the missing letters using a dry erase marker.
Phonics- Sh word sorts for words that begin with sh and end with sh.
Unit- The is week 2 of our potato documenting. {free here} We will do this for 5 weeks.
We also made these cute art projects independently. Also from The Mailbox.

Tell me about your fun center ideas for this week!

I also put my Easter items on sale on TpT for 20% off for today and tomorrow only. I thought this would help fill some of those centers up with fun Easter things!

March 29, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Ever have those years where your parents are so incredible! If this isn't that year, you should be so jealous of me because my parents rock this year. I think they all got together and decided to spoil me rotten this year.  
I asked for some hard boiled eggs to dye this morning. THIS is what I got... seriously. 

I think it was close to 16 dozen eggs! We dyed!
We graphed how many students had not dyed eggs before. It was an even split of those who had and those who had not. I can safely say each of them has now had a great egg dying experience!

Are you coloring eggs this year? If so, how many do you color with your class?

March 28, 2012

Fun Egg Art

Here is a simple, but FUN art activity to do with children. I did this with my Kindergarteners today and prepped some bigger eggs for my 3 year old sitter's house.

I hope you can see the pictures okay... the glue is hard to see! I prepped the eggs yesterday before I left work and let them dry over night. It doesn't take that long, but I knew no hands would mess them up this way. 

Some kids used the design on the eggs to guide their colors and some did not. They LOVED this simple activity and really took their time to make them look good. (Usually the colors all run together and look brown or black when they rush things!)

Tomorrow I will cut the eggs out and put them in a class basket for a cute decoration. 

For my little one's art, I used much larger eggs and outlined them with glue as well.

I would love to hear other crafts that are big hits in your home or school. 

March 27, 2012

Guest Post

I was so lucky to get another spot as a guest blogger at

go to it here
I blogged about some fun ways to learn using Easter ideas. My ideas are free or super cheap. I hope to travel over to PreK+K Sharing Blog to see it. 

I decided to release another freebie to you guys. 

This freebie goes with these erasers... 
 an awesome Target Dollar Spot find!
I made the graph two different ways, added directions, and a picture of the eraser pack so you can make sure you get the right ones. 

At my school, we are allowed to use the word Easter. We can also do crafts and such about Easter. How about you?

March 26, 2012

Word Wall Linky

Here is a look at my Kindergarten word wall and some activities we do to support word work. 

This is part of a fun linky party at 

You can never have too many word work and word wall ideas!

March 25, 2012

Pet Art Plus So Much More!

So many things to share today! I have some fun art from my pet unit to share, a linky party, and an addition to my art pack.

The linky party I am hosting is really rocking!
It is full of Eggcellent Easter ideas.

Check it out
Eggcellent Easter Ideas Linky Party

I can't post without a picture... it doesn't feel right. So, here is a collection of my kids art work from this week. We learned about pets and had so much fun!

Another teacher gave me a great teaching tip on my
 There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick Art
 and allowed me to share it with you all!
I added it to the cheap unit on TpT so you can re-download it at no charge! 
Here is a picture of the color copy!
You know I love to give away as much stuff as I can.
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March 24, 2012

Center Saturday

These are the Kindergarten centers my kids did this week.
I hope you can grab an idea or two for the
 -ck phonics rule,

or pets.
These are the things we are exploring this week.
 Math- +5 or more. I made these using Carson Dellosa notepads. There are 5 sets of the same work on different notepads.
Writing- Each student had to write how they would take care of their pet. This activity is from my Pet Lesson Plans Plus Unit.
Reading- This was my "stretch activity" this week. They had to read about a potato and start there "My Potato Project" book. We will do this weekly to see the roots of the potato grow. This Freebie is here!
Phonics- the final /k/ sound is a ck. I made these using Carson Dellosa truck notepads and pictures from our phonics worksheets. I drew the blank lines for each letter in the word. GREAT practice.
Unit- A fun Mailbox Motion activity to practice and work with gravity and Rainbow Before and After numbers as a tie in to St. Patrick's Day.

I added the links because many people ask me where I get these activities from.

Does your class have work centers or just fun centers?

March 23, 2012

Guest Post and Freebie Friday

I have a fun freebie to offer up for my awesome followers and those visiting from Mel's site.
This is a reading comprehension game and writing prompts to go with the book
April Foolishness.
Grab it for free here.
 Here are a few images... remember this is FREE!
  I hope you take a moment to follower my blog and head over to my Facebook to grab another Facebook exclusive freebie there.

Freebie Fridays

March 22, 2012

Always Remember

I will always remember this phonics book I made in the 1st grade. I keep it in my own classroom. 
The book itself isn't significant, nor do I remember those specific phonics lessons.
I have this little phonics book in my classroom to remind me...
1. The projects, activities, and art we do in school matter. We are creating memories and treasures for families forever. Some things will be trashed, but some things will be kept.
2. I will always have a place in each student's heart, just like they have in mine. I want that place to be wonderful, fun, and always bring a smile to their face.
3. What I do, what I don't do, and how I react matter

See... I remember my 1st grade teacher very well. I still recognize her handwriting. (She would write with a ruler under her pen, then move the ruler and fix the "tails" on her below the line letters. She always ended a note, signature, or card with a smiley face.)

I remember the colors on her wall in the EXACT order. I have that same order on my classroom wall because it feels right to me. 

I remember the time she told me that I made a perfect "6" on penmanship (aka handwriting) and I thought at that moment, it was the best compliment of my life.

I remember so many things about her, specifically how she treated me and how I felt about her. 
I hope every student I teach 
and every family 
I am blessed 
to become a part of 
leave my room 
always remembering... me.

What will you always remember about a teacher you had?
What do you want your students to always remember about you?

March 21, 2012

Teacher Desk Substitution

 During pre-planning, I made a bold move. I got rid of my teacher's desk from my classroom. Why? Well, I never sat in it. It was the catch all. Then I had to clean it/find stuff/try to act like it was functional. So, I sent it away.(My custodian swore I would be asking for it back.)

I had been using a small shelf and a filing cabinet in my old desks place. It was working better, but it was falling apart.
  So, I spent part of my furlough day on this eye sore area. This is what it looks like now. (Still room for improvement, but a step up!)
I am so glad I got rid of that huge desk. This is still a messy area, but so much more functional for a busy, small Kindergarten room. 
Do you have a desk in your classroom? Dare to take a picture of it and share?

PS- Freebie on my Facebook right now!

March 20, 2012

Giveaway and a Freebie

 Happy Spring Everyone!
Spring on over to JD's Rockin Readers!
go to the blog here

Head on over to this new blog to see her giveaway... I gave her a product for the giveaway. 
The rules are simple and easy... head over to enter. WAY worth it.

I also have a freebie I am releasing ONLY to my Facebook followers this week. It was a special request email from someone, so I got it done. If you are not following me on FB, head there now to get connected.

Don't forget to join up on my linky party below!

March 19, 2012

Eggcellent Easter Idea Linky Party

 Are you ready to find some EXCELLENT Easter Idea? How about some "egg"cellent Easter ideas...

I am so excited to be hosting my first linky party.  It is simple... post your blog link with your ideas here below. 

Here are some of my ideas.
Easter All Sorts of Sorts.
See it here on TpT.
And a Freebie... Easter Sweet Treat Game Boards.
Grab it for FREE here!

Let's start the party here.

March 18, 2012

Center Saturday on Sunday

Here is a quick glimpse at the centers we completed this week.
Math- Pot of Gold Math using double sided chip and old kettles.
Writing- vowels at the end of a word practice.
Reading- using my freebie eraser graphs.
Phonics- long and short A sounds.
Unit- US Symbol sort and Push and Pull sort.

I am almost done with a fun new game to share.
 What fun ideas did your class do at centers this week?

March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since we had so many "supplies" left over, my little one also had the same snack at her sitter's house today! 

Have you loved the blog hunt?
Today is the LAST day, but it ends with some big names.

Freebie Friday

I have a fun game for free for you... all about pets! This is a reading comprehension game based the book Albert and Sarah Jane by Malachy Doyle.
here is the google doc link
 I made this fun game in addition to my new Pet Lesson Plans Plus Unit.
 Here is a little peak at it.
This is day 1 lesson plans- Intro and Cats.
 Here are some of the "plus" elements.

I included 5 different pet art projects and templates. 
My favorite item is the "Doggy, Where is Your Bone?" math story problems with sums to 10.

We are using this fun unit next week in my room. I can't wait. 

March 15, 2012

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover Writing

 I love seeing what kids write and draw. Here was our cute work from this week.

This really made my kids think. They enjoyed picking something for the Old Lady to eat, but some struggled with why she would want to each that. I added their artwork above their writing because I thought it was cute.
Here is the art.

March 14, 2012

Easter Freak Out!

 There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick Art and Literacy fun!
see it here
see it here
 I pulled my files out to start planning for next week and I saw that EASTER is only 2 school weeks away. I has a slight freak out. Once I got myself together, I got to work.
I hope these help you NOT freak out like I did. 

I know St. Paddy's is still here, so how is the hunt going?
If you need to catch up, go here

March 13, 2012

Techy Tuesday Leprechaun Style

I have to share with elementary teachers this cool site with tons of St. Patrick's Day links listed for you.
Ummm.... yes please. 

 If you have ever seen my lesson plans, I always try to include a digital resource of some kind, so I love it when someone does the work to make it easy for me.

March 12, 2012


Ever think {know} your pastor/ mother/ friend knows exactly what you need to hear... then tells it to you just before you need to hear it.

I was at church yesterday and the message was being GRATEFUL instead of griping. 
I love my job... and I need to show how grateful I am for it. 

I am grateful for all those cute, sweet, kind faces that grow so much in a year. 

I love how they go from learning letters to reading EVERYTHING. 
I love how those tricky teen get them every time to knowing numbers to 100 and more.
I love how they sound out and write words... every time it makes me laugh and wonder why English has to be so complicated. 
And I love how God puts each and every child in my room for a reason. 
Sometimes it may be for them... and sometimes it may be for me.

And of course I am grateful for each person who reads this post. I hope you have a great day tomorrow doing what you do best- teach!

What are you grateful for at your job?

March 11, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Literacy Idea

This is a FUN idea to learn about nouns and adjectives in a FUN way.
 I originally got from somewhere else, but that I now do all the time! My class LOVES this and it meets the needs of so many different types of learners. Try this at school this week.
 This freebie ends tonight! Click here to get it.
What other literacy ideas do you use during calendar time?

Blog Hunting? How fun is this!