February 29, 2012

Pot of Gold

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I also have a BIG, HUGE, AWESOME surprise to share tomorrow.

Leap Sale

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February 28, 2012

Much More Presidential

 I have to share with you some Presidents and US Symbol ideas for Kindergarten. 
My system did not have school last week, so I am still doing Presidents and US symbols. I bought an awesome art from...

Here is her blog!

It had cute patterns for George Washington and Abe Lincoln. My class LOVED them. The step by step directions allowed my students to work on each creation independently.

When we learned about Jefferson and Roosevelt, my class BEGGED to do an art for them too! I can not disappoint a student's will to learn.I *know* connecting learning to art makes it memorable and meaningful for the student... so I did it.
I love the personalizaions my students gave them! The also told me how white Obama's smile was, so they HAD to use white for his teeth! haha

Once we learned about each of these presidents, we made Mt. Rushmore using play dough. Some are better than others, but this was so much fun.

My blog is under going a redesign. I am so excited to see the changes. Bear with all the *work in progress* as it is becoming better than ever!

February 27, 2012

Letter Ww Ideas

 This week we are working on the letter Ww. I have a ton of great ideas to share, but since I love a good picture... you will only get to see today's snapshots!

We also used Dr. Jean's Better Brains and Bodies Song :Wiggle Willy" and Making Learning Fun's Ww Song. I highly recommend them both. More fun Ww Pictures will be coming this week!

I also added my newest Secret Code Word Game tonight! 
It has 114 different pots with codes and 5 code breaker  sheets.  I had request for more from teachers and my own students. 

 As promised, it is cheap. Here is the link to it.

February 25, 2012

Forces and Motion

In this post, I am going to share my new Kindergarten Lesson Plans for Forces and Motions. It covers motion, pushes and pulls, what things move and do not move, force, and gravity.

I have discovered over time that many teachers do not teach this unit... at all!
SKP2. Students will investigate different types of motion.
a. Sort objects into categories according to their motion. (straight, zigzag, round and round, back and forth, fast and slow, and motionless)
b. Push, pull, and roll common objects and describe their motions.

SKP3. Students will observe and communicate effects of gravity on objects.
a. Recognize that some things, such as airplanes and birds, are in the sky, but return to earth.
b. Recognize that the sun, moon, and stars are in the sky, but don’t come down.
c. Explain why a book does not fall down if it is placed on a table, but will fall down if it is dropped.

I happen to LOVE teaching these ideas because THIS is when I intro verbs and collaborate with the PE teacher to do some FUN stuff. Since no one (even me!) likes to write out lesson plans, I did it for you!
I took the full lesson plans and added charts, activities, and great links to make this unit awesome for you. I didn't have to buy any graphics for this unit, so I made it super cheap... like 50 cents a day cheap. 
I teach this after Space and in early spring.

Here is the link to this pack on TpT.

February 23, 2012

Happy to be Home!

My sweet hubby and I just got back from a nice, childless vacation! WOW!
I heard that the best gift you can give your child is a happy marriage. That is something powerful to think about. I hope I am able to show my daughter a great marriage.

So... I have a few great plans ahead. First is my new units... one for Literacy and the other for Math.
Literacy Unit
Math Unit
I also have big plans for my blog... as in a facelift. It is set to happen any day now, so stay tuned for come blog plastic surgery. Can you say EXCITED!

Of course thanks to my trip and the LONG car ride, I have a new lesson plan AND a game almost ready for release. Both are going to be super cheap because I didn't have to purchase a ton of graphics for them (double yeah for everyone!)

February 22, 2012

A Case of Space Race

We made these Space Books with the rockets... and this is just one page. 
{There are 3 more art projects in here.}

   We made some fun constellations! They loved labeling them, even though I never asked them too.  
Can you see Cassiopeia and Draco the Dragon?

 I had to take a few pictures of our fun and learning filled week in Space. (Well, okay it was in the classroom but BOY did they enjoy it!)
These are some pictures of their before and after charts for assessing. 

 I know everyone teaches space at different times of the year... so pin this, save it in your store on TpT... but come back to it when you do teach it because this is going to help you a TON!
Here is the TpT unit.

February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents' Day

 Here are a few fun ideas for Presidents' Day I had to share!
New book I LOVE! Great to tie into Ellis Island and a MUST for the Statue of Liberty!

One of my lovely kids made my example Obama for Monday! I couldn't bear to ask her to use redo the face with a black crayon since she did this with NO directions from me! Simple and cute... just what some Kinders need.

February 19, 2012

Learning Begins at Home

 These are a few ideas to use at your house, to share with a parent you are trying to reach, or to give you a few ideas for extra play in the classroom. 

 This is an awesome game to play at home or in the classroom... Balloon Bash!

Take a balloon and a paper towel roll. See how many times they can hit the ball to keep it up in the air. It takes coordination, counting, and movement to do. I suggest various color balloons for the classroom or for siblings. You can even name a writer to keep the score to see who wins. For extra fun, make students or siblings share one balloon and take turns hitting. (It is one thing to do this alone, but a whole different story to take turns.)
You are never too young or old to do puzzles. Young kids can start simple and work their way up. I feel each child's brain NEEDS to be challenges this way regularly. It is a great way to teach letters, numbers, shapes, colors, positional words, ordinal words, and things that go together... just to name a few ideas.
For really little ones, start by helping the child, then allow them to do with your help, then allow them to do on their own. For school age kids... allow them to think this through... they can do it! 
Reward and praise often.

Is this a good time to mention board games... Candyland or any Elefun Games. Play to learn... learn to play!

And my most favorite time to learn... we love to have some...
I love foam numbers and letters. Take about numbers, put numbers in order, compare numbers, find a number by fishing for it with a net. 
We learn to recognize letters and their sounds. Then we use these to make simple words and sound out words. You can make some word families here too. 

Also use...

to write, draw, create, and pretend!
Even if they write nothing that makes sense to you... they have a crayon in their hands and they are having fun! Another fun point to make is the cleaning. They can use a wash cloth to wash their work away.Race to see who can clean their part first, the best, etc. You could also do a quick, fun "listen and follow directions" by telling them what to erase. Then see if they can do it. For example, erase the yellow part, erase the letter R, erase the word go, erase everything but the circle.

February 18, 2012

eXcellent Ideas

I found this book at the book fair and put it in my Xx file. I was inspired to create an x-ray to reinforce the letter Xx with my kids. Here is how we did it. 
I made patterns of my hand and foot. I made up a chest pattern. I also drew ovals/ bone lines to guide them. Since my  hand and foot are bigger than theirs, it was easier to make x-rays with.
They traced their pattern onto black paper.
Then they cut their pattern out.

Using the lines on the tracer, apply the glue to their x-ray.
Here is worn up white construction paper for the bones.

Here is what they created!

 We also paired up to play tic-tac-toe!

I love this game because the practice handwriting and problem solving at the same time! Also, they have to work with another person and practice winning and losing. Is is a game? Yes! Is it fun? You bet! Is it meaningful and educational? Absolutely!

February 17, 2012

Some Freebie Friday Clover Math

I have a freebie for you here! It is a simple count and write activity based on There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover book. It is on Google Docs FREE, so hit the link below.

on Google Docs here

I was able to finish my math unit last night. I am really porud of it. I added some new ideas, so I hope it is helpful for you.

Get it here.

I took a TON of pictures this week and have so many ideas to share with you! Stay tuned for some GREAT stuff.

February 15, 2012

She Swallowed a Clover!

I should hold onto this for a few more days, but I can't! Here is my new unit for the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!
I have it on sale until Sunday, so pick it up asap! It has tons of printable, a reading comprehension game, and even a color the answer assessment.

New Far Out Art

A blogging friend gave me some advice... I needed a fun spaceman. I am not too artsy, but here you go! My kids at school saw it getting prepped and are so pumped!

Can you see him helmet? I cut a baggie and used it to show his mask.

Here is the whole thing.

I just added this to the space unit with tracers and fixed a mistake on the moon page.
Here it is!

February 14, 2012

The Father of Our Country

Day One with George Washington...
Here are some cute Washington hats! It helps to make the hat they see in all the books.

Here are some of the Washington Monuments they built... they get so creative. 
This really made them THINK! I love to see them work with others to figure out problems.

Here is the link to TpT.