January 31, 2012

Techy Tuesday

LinkFirst, I am not getting paid in any way for this... I just love the product. I LOVE DR JEAN!
I can never keep up with the movements to the Dr. Jean songs.
I got this over a year ago on DVD and LOVE it. My kids love it even more. It is so visual and fun.
Here is an example of the DVD on YouTube.

I didn't have my assistant today, so this was a perfect filler so I could go set something up to do next, or write nurse's note... all those things. It is also great for rain days or days without PE.

I also go through my curriculum map and add these songs in where they fit best, like the Wiggly Willy song on the letter Ww. I highly recommend using this DVD in your classroom.

What Dr. Jean song is your favorite?

January 30, 2012

Sharing This Week

This week in my room we hare learning about the
letter Vv
the -un family
sight word- little
adding with 3's and 4's
and light.
I added my snowman unit I created in for this week because we did snow and ice last week and here in GA we have NOT had anything close to snow. (I was saving it for a great weather tie in, but it was 60 degrees this afternoon!)

I found this cute new book this weekend. I wish I discovered it earlier, because I would have mixed by emergent reader pages around to match it. (The readers were stapled and ready for today!)
In centers we did this...
This was my phonics center this week. The idea is from Hubbard's Cupboard which I LOVE! I added the construction paper and sun notepad to make it extra fun. This is a great way to practice handwriting and spelling words at the same time.

Our handwriting center, yes I do one EVERY week, is something I make all the time. I take the Smart Start paper and use a marker (in yellow here, but I learned orange works even better!) to write words, numbers, letter, etc. I laminate and cut out. They use dry erase markers and go to work.
The best thing is you can use it again and again!
I didn't take pictures of my other centers because I was a little, busy! haha

Lastly, we began my Light and Shadow Unit! Today was intro, but it is already a hit. I made this chart for the unit and here is what my kids and I came up with. (No idea can be bad or wrong here, because we were "thinking out loud." It all goes up on the board.)

They struggled a LOT with the has... they kept thinking what has light in it... which is fine. I was looking for light has... colors, heat, etc. But again... this is what they think and know.
The great thing is I KNOW that THEY KNOW and I KNOW what to hit hard tomorrow. We read our book listed in the unit and crossed off a few things we learned were not true and circled a few great things. (I have a kid who's dad works on power lines, so she is the one who said electricity- meaning electricity gives us power and light.)

They also don't think that light can move. I asked, they said no. haha- ALL of them! Even after I read about it in the book. I guess I am going to have to prove it to them. FUN!

January 28, 2012

Lights, Shadows, Action!

I know you all have all your lesson plans for the week written, prepped, and ready to go...
right! Right?
Okay... well SOME of us might need a little help this week. SOME of us may be looking for a complete lesson plan to teach about light and shadows this week.

How does this look to you right now?

I compiled and typed up my lesson plans for this week's science! Here are 5 days worth of Light and Shadow lesson plans, along with book lists, supplies needed, charts already made, activities planned, including links to great online resources. I am putting it on sale for this week to help you out as much as I can!
I have to say, this is one of my favorite units to teach, so I hope you choose to purchase this and use it this week. It is so hands on and fun! And I did all the work for you!

Don't forget to download and use my Groundhog Day Mini Unit this week too! It is completely free.

January 27, 2012

Awesome Giveaway

This giveaway is HUGE and really great! I already purchased one of these games and LOVED it, so I was excited to see this. Go check it out at
PS- I am working on something I think you guys are going to LOVE! Stay tuned... I want to finish it and post by Sunday!

January 26, 2012

An Awesome Valentine Game

I LOVE games and make them constantly for my class. I am now trying to re-create digital copies of my students' favorite ones for you guys. Here is a classic FUN and educational game!
It is called Sweet Secret Code Words. There are 5 code breaker mats for centers or small groups and 50 hearts with different secret code words on them. The student breaks the code using numbers and letter recognition to write a sight word. You just cut out the heart sight words you like (I put the answer beside each one for you) and laminate. EASY!
There are 2, 3, and 4 letter sight words here. I want to expand the pack with more hearts soon, so buy now for CHEAP and you can re-load it later without paying more.

I just found out I got a HUGE shout out onI think this teacher is AWESOME and I think this person is even nicer. She helped me BIG TIME with a tech problem. THANKS doesn't even begin to cover how grateful I am to her.

This is the pack her kids used!

January 25, 2012

Guest Post tonight!!!

Please check out my guest blog on

go check it out to get a peak at my classroom calendar.

Here is a link
to some of the games we play at calendar from a previous post. One is a skip counting game and the other is a 1-100 number game.

I would LOVE feedback on your calendar time and what your students' favorite part is. What games do you play? Am I missing something you think I need to add?

January 24, 2012

Techy Tuesday

We played this app today and I had to share...
They have a a "sound out" and a "sight word" version. I gave my class a 1 minute brief on how to play the free version of the sight word game today and they did great. (They play in an independent small group.) I asked them all to start on level 1 first. Many got to level three, some even to level five.
My students like... the speaker to tell them the word whenever the needed it and the graphics, esp if they penguin gets the fish... meaning they got the word right.
I liked... the levels and the fact my class could play this game for FREE for 20 minutes happily with.

Some of you told me HAVE to play free apps, so this would be a great option. I am interested if it gets better if you pay for the app. I LOVE the view report aspect. It tell you how many times they asked and percentage of correct for each word. It give you a good snapshot of what words you need to teach and which they have mastered.

Tomorrow I will be feature on
to share pictures and details on my calendar time! Please stop by to see and read what we do with the BEST time of the school day.

January 23, 2012


I am finally able to use my center unit I made for There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! I have been waiting and waiting!
We read the book today and my class went nuts for it.

We sequenced it using my cards from the pack. Then this one of their centers this week.

I got slightly inspired this morning and created a cute little art project to do with this book!
I updated the unit on TpT, so if you already purchased it, you can go there and re-download it to get the tracers for this. I also put it on sale for anyone who hasn't bought it yet.

January 21, 2012

5 Winners and If You Give a Dog a Donut

I used the random number generator to get these numbers... the 5 winners are
KellyJan 16, 2012 06:55 PM
I follow your blog and I look for apps that my students can use independently, doesn't cost too much, and has different levels of difficulty. Thanks!

* I need your email! Thanks *
christineJan 17, 2012 04:06 AM
I follow your blog and am excited to explore apps for kinders on our new classroom ipad!

katieneuJan 16, 2012 06:56 PM
I follow your blog!! I am always looking for new and fun technology ideas to use on the classroom!! Thanks for sharing!!
RachelJan 20, 2012 09:30 PM
I follow your blog and I look for apps that will keep the students interested for a while.
Erin KleinJan 16, 2012 06:23 PM
I follow your blog... I look for apps that are easy to use and do not include ads.
All winners have been emailed except Kelly, who I am wait for contact info from. Congrats!!!
Do you get excited about new children's books like I do? I LOVE when a new one comes out that fits in with my plans! This one came out in the fall and I bought it asap because I always make donuts with my class for the letter Dd.
So... I made this unit to go with it.
here on TpT, here on TN

I created this unit to go with the book, If You Give a Dog a Donut. It has reading comprehension game, writing prompts, and sequencing activities.
This morning, I created this art in my kitchen to go with the story as well. (We had copy paper not construction paper, so excuse the thinness!) I made and scanned in patterns for you all in the unit too!
You could use the whole thing or just the head.

January 20, 2012

What Are WE Doing?

This week was a little strange... no work Monday, sick day with baby on Thursday, MLK Jr., 100th Day of School... and we are also learning about winter animals.

We played the Arctic Freeze game today. Look at the cute game pieces I made using the graphics and unifix cubes!
We also played the graph game in centers... my class did this so well!!! I was super impressed. I love that they had to share the spinner. It is one thing to do it by yourself, yet another to take turns and share. This was an idea a few of my kids came up with to "color code" their graphs with a different color per animal! HOW SMART is this!!! LOVE my smart, inventive kids!
Here is another center in my room. I took one of the two sentences per animal from the set and let them work.
These ideas and so many more are from my Arctic Animal Unit!We are going to continue to use many of this units items this coming week!
AND I have some more FUN stuff planned... let's just say I made the best use of my sick day on Thursday with my baby. I can't wait to share!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway here! 5 people will win and there are 17 people trying right now! GREAT odds!!!

January 18, 2012

Ee for Elmer the Elephant

This past week, we talked about the letter Ee- yeah that letter that sounds like an Ii, that tricks and confuses very 5 year old... yeah- that letter.

We read Elmer the Elephant. I "Google"d a elephant image and printed it out. Then I make a tracer using a file folder. We traced the image with a THICK black marker onto a plain paper and ran it through the copier. (Yes, you can just copy the original but I found this works the best.)

The class then decorated their Elmer with tissue paper squares to make their unique Elmer. My kids could do this independently in an unassisted small group.Once the tissue paper is dry, cut out their Elmers using that THICK black line. I have a cute wall display using them.
This was a great way to intro MLK Jr. Day which followed.

Hit the link above to get to this cool opportunity with you guys... a Free Year Subscription to ESGI!

January 17, 2012

Guest Blog Spot

I was blessed to be able to do a guest blog spot today on The Organized Classroom Blog today. Be sure to check it out! You will get a peak at the outside of my classroom!

Check out her pinterest account for the best boards around and her newsletter which is FREE and awesome!

Charity is the best!

January 16, 2012

Groundhog Freebie and FREE App

I am a little shocked about the lack of excitement on yesterday post... I am offering up a FREE iPad app... Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure

and a free unit from me.
Please see the below post to try for the giveaway. 5 people will win!

Sometimes Freebies are the key to getting people to notice you.
So I was planning on holding on to this for another week, but here it is... a simple Groundhog Day Mini Unit FOR FREE! (Click on the pic for the TpT Link.)

This is exactly what I use in my room on Groundhog day, so I am sharing it with you. I teach my kids the gr blend and we do a chart (on the Promethean board using the pdf) on the gr words we know.
I either hide the words they told me (Hence the blank cards provided) or I pre-hide the cards (with gr words on them.) My students take the Write the Room sheet and find the gr words in the room.

I also created a simple Groundhog book. The whole sun makes his see the shadow and he hides thing confuses me, I had to make sure I had it right with the hubby first. (He said it is right at least!) The last page of the book is a chart based on the book so you can use it as a poem or whatnot at calendar time.

January 15, 2012

100 Follwers Giveaways!

I checked my blog last night and had 99 followers. After church I saw I had 104! WOW! To celebrate, I am so excited to be able to offer a very cool giveaway... how about an app code to get Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure or Timmy's Preschool Adventure for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone?
I was contacted by the creator of this app and he was excited to hear my post about this app and how much my students LOVED it. He wanted my input and opinion to make it the best it can be. WOW! He is going to give me 5 codes to give you guys. (I personally purchased both games so far and they are worth the money! If anything they were a steal for the quality and student enjoyment.) To get these for free would be a true blessing for any teacher or parent.

Here is a screen shot of one of the questions your student can answer on their adventure.
The link to more info about this app is:

Here is a youtube clip to show you some more parts of the game.

I am going to add something to the giveaway for the winner... my brand new activity Popcorn Sight Word Confusion Sorts!It has 49 different and pre-made sight word sorts. You can mix the words for TONS and TONS of additional sight word sorts too!

Now, these are the rules to the giveaway... let's make it easy..
follow my blog and comment below with one thing you look for the most in apps for your students.
For example, I would say, "I follow your blog and I look for apps my kids can use independently and easily."
I will use a random number generator to select the winning numbers on Sunday, January 22nd.

Please tell anyone and everyone about this giveaway! I am not getting paid to promote this app, I honestly like it and think it is a GREAT product. I want to give it away to as many teachers or parents as I can! The 5 winner will get my sort pack and the promo code to Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure! Good Luck!

January 14, 2012

The Mitten by Jan Brett Ideas

I am finding a ton of fun things for the Jan Brett book, The Mitten! I HAVE to share this good stuff.

First Grade ala Carte post this game! I am going to be adding this to my wishlist for next year!
I have several of their games and they are always a hit with my class.

Erin from Creating & Teaching has a cute and free sequencing cards for FREE! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/The-Mitten-Sequence-Cards ILink am about to go get mine RIGHT NOW!

Text Color

I made a pinterest board on this book with some great finds too!

I found an online book of The Mitten too!

This is from Chalk Talk... link to The Mitten Graphics and a link to her mitten unit

I have already done this book and I know I have some resources for it in my classroom, so I am going to look there and post some more for you. Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

I have had a ton of hits for my last giveaway and I am so excited. I can't wait to get the feedback from the two that won the unit!

January 13, 2012

100 Chart Freebie and a Giveaway!

I have added my 5 differentiated 100 Charts to TpT for FREE! Here is what one of them looks like!
They are from my Arctic Animal Unit. I am so so so thankful to anyone who takes the time to check out my blog and leave a comment or share an idea with others so I hope you all enjoy!
I printed and prepped this unit for my own class next week. I am super excited about it. I truly think this unit will make your winter animal unit easier for you!

AND I think I need to go a giveaway for this unit. So, I will give away two units. First two people to follow my blog and follow me on TpT and comment below, will get it for FREE! Seriously... FREE!
(I really want to get to 100 followers by the 100th day of school!)

January 12, 2012

MLK Jr Lesson

{Updated on 1/16/2015}
I love to teach this little lesson to my K kids.
Let me tell you why I do this story for MLK Jr. Day.
I read any non fiction books about MLK Jr to help my kids learn
about Dr. King as a famous man
 who gave speeches and he helped people.

But I have found that they don't get what he actually did for everyone!
I found a way to do more than just teach the person,
but the actual message of Dr. King... EQUALITY...
which is much harder to get across to a 5 year old child.

I use the classic Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches.
Click here to grab this book on Amazon
 You can check out this book here.

I also used the die cut to make stars for the class to all be the same.
We can re-intact the book changing our stars or no stars students.
Does a star or lack of a star make anyone better or worse?
Not in the least.
No one wants to be Sylvester McMonkey McBean.
He is someone no one, I mean, no one needs!

That is what Dr. King believed as well.

I love this Sneetches app on iTunes as well.

We are going to do a few activities from www.seussville.com
(This site DRIVES me CRAZY because it takes forever to load stuff or search!
I love the content though...
So I am going to give you the most direct links I can so hopefully you can save some sanity!)

Links to beach relay games http://www.seussville.com/#/games

Sneetch writing http://www.seussville.com/activities/Sneetch_Writing.pdf (too high for my kids, but look at it to see.)

Word Search http://www.seussville.com/activities/Sneetch_WordSearch.pdf

Tic Tac Toe http://www.seussville.com/activities/Sneetch_TicTacToe.pdf

Snack http://www.seussville.com/activities/SNEETCHES_Snacks.pdf

Sneetch Ball http://www.seussville.com/activities/SNEETCHES_Ball.pdf

Same and Different http://www.seussville.com/activities/SNEETCHES_WhichTwo.pdf

I also made a new MLK Jr. Day reader.
This is a duel book. One is a standard reader.
The other is identical, but it has QR CODES with audio files
 so you little ones can listen to the book being read. 

This pack is a win-win.
If you don't use technology, you can still use this pack.
If you WANT to use technology but you are scared,
you can try with having an automatic back up.
And if you know how awesome QR codes are and love them like me,
then you will be excited to get your hands on this pack too.

There is even a test code on the cover for you to try before you buy.
Grab your MLK Jr. Book here.

January 11, 2012

Arctic Unit

I am finally done! I have been working and working on this HUGE unit.. 105 pages!

I put in a Pictorial Book List with technology and games links, 10 page Arctic Animal Reader,
ABC Order Game with printable, Write the Room Activity with printable, Rhyme Matching to go with reader, 10 Sentence Scrambles with answer key,Reading Comprehension Freeze Game with answer key AND Caribou, Penguin, Polar Bear, Seal, Walrus Writing Sets.
EACH animal set has getting ready to write chart, writing sheet with prompt, writing sheet without prompt, and handwriting practice
The math activities include an Arctic Spinner Graph, 5 Differentiate Number Charts 1-100, 5 Differentiate Number Cards sets for counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.
And because we all love it, 5 Art Projects
Caribou, Walrus, Penguin, Polar Bear, and Penguin.

I have got to run print out my activities for my class next week. I can't wait to hear what you all think. I know my kids are going to LOVE it and have so much fun!

January 08, 2012

Working With Words

One of the most important ideas and concepts we introduce and teach (and teach and teach) in K is words! I LOVE seeing that light bulb come on when kids understand the idea that letters words!

Here are a few pictures of some of the word work we do. Since I use the Alpha tales books by Scholastic and handwriting practice, I also have an Alpha tales Word Wall.
One of my centers is a sight word find. I have a cubbie back painted with magnetic paint, then chalkboard paint. I found these words at target a few years ago and got two packs. The list of words to find is on the left, class list on right for easy check off.
Another activity is sorting words. These are some words we are working on this week in my pocket chart. They are sorting the words on popsicle sticks.
The good thing about this idea is that you can do word families, numbers, or really any skill practice for super cheap. I also up the words and sticks onto a baggie and save for next year.

I have a goal to be a guest blogger for 4 other blogs. I would LOVE for any reader who has a blog to allow me to do so. I will, of course, allow you to do the same here if you would like. Let me know if you are interested.