December 11, 2012

Techy Tuesday

What apps do I love?
I love a lot, but a sure fire HIT in any and every classroom is Letter School!

Here is a good pic of what your students will actually be doing using this app!

They tell you the letter and sound (or number) and then you have 3 turns to practice forming that letter. The first time you tap... and it makes you START FROM THE TOP!
The second time you trace to form an interactive track. Then last, you write on your own.
There are great visuals, sounds, and animation making this app a student tested and teacher approved app for sure!

I always download the lite version of an app first. This app was well worth the cost for the full version at $2.99 (as of 12/10/12). 

(or on the tabs on my blog that look like this.)
(Remember, I do not get paid to asked to promote these app. I just tell you want my students and I love to learn through and use.)


  1. This is exactly what I need for my title I kinder kiddos. They struggle so much. Is there a free version? My school wants me to find only free apps for the school-provided iPad. Do you have any suggestions for free apps? Thanks!

    1. i think the "lite" version is free... I have it downloaded already so it says "downloaded" for me, instead of the price.

  2. My son began on letterschool. He picked up the sounds so quickly. We started to give him sight words just to see the possibilities and he can now READ!!! He is 2. Love that app for getting him that introduction!