December 28, 2012

Sight Word Help and Fry List 1 FINISHED

I jot down my "ideas" for the classroom all the time and work on "the list" whenever I have time. 
Sometimes the files are little, while other times they are way more than I bargained for!
(A teacher can dream big right???) I dreamed really big on sight word packs for my classroom.

First, let me remind you guys how I check off sight words in my room. I send home a list with each student. AND I give each student a copy of their booklet for their book baskets. Additionally, I have a copy for just me to assess with in a basket. 
I use a different color marker for each time I assess the student and keep track of their progress on the front cover. If they are struggling with a few words, I make sure to give them flashcards of them on index cards and I reward achievement with stickers. 
These booklets were from last year and cover the Dolch list, not Fry. Therefore I can not use them this year. 

For the past two weeks, I have been working on a Fry List file. My county has moved towards this list for the first time, so I feel a little lost. My flashcards have most of the words, but not all the words. My worksheets do not include all the words I need either.
What to do... WHAT TO DO?
When in these situations... I create! This has been on my "must do" list for a while!

Click on the picture or {here} to see this file on TpT, Here it is on TN
 This pack has sight word worksheets for EACH 100 sight words.
It also has two types of flashcards and/or word wall cards. One in plain and the other is phonetic, (meaning it is color coded for being able to sound out the word correctly or not and with arcs and blending bars for additional phonics support.)
Lastly, I included a sight word booklet to keep in the classroom and send home for extra practice and assessment. 

I plan on expanding this idea to the next several Fry Lists, since I have a few readers who already know way more than 100 sight words! I will be sending out these lists as soon as I get pack in January. I hope I can get the second set done by then too!

I can't wait to share my Center Saturday post with you guys tomorrow! I hope you all have a very blessed weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I am always looking for new ways to help my Kinders with sight words as well as a way to document their progress both efficiently and in a meaningful way!!


  2. I love your sight word basket idea. I definitely want to make this a regular center for my firsties. Thanks for sharing the great idea. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. This is so helpful! Thank you :)