December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am so sorry... but I have no blogging juice lately!
Seriously... I can't bring myself to to write anything down.
I think I am just overwhelmed... but at least Christmas is almost here!

One thing I want to share is my most favorite Christmas craft I purchased and used this holiday season... The Polar Express Craftivitiy and Printables by a sweet blogger names Stephanie.

click the picture or {here} to grab this craft!
My class made both crafts and LOVED it. Prep was easy. My three year old wants to make this as well, so I brought an extra set home for her "art time."

I only tell you guys about the products I actually pay for, LOVE, and use in my classroom- this is def one I think is worth the money... and this one is something I love! (And no this blogger didn't ask me to write about this product... I bought it on my own and ASKED her if I would share.)

Put this on your wishlist as this is a MUST HAVE!

okay... on to final Christmas prep! I am soooooo excited! Church in a bit, then hubs family tonight. My family is tomorrow. 


  1. It is so cute! Have a wonderful Christmas Mary!!

  2. Mary, I understand completely about being overwhelmed at this time of year! I appreciate the tip about the Polar Express activity. I always love using that book in my classroom during the winter season. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a delightful new year!

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  3. Love your darling blog!!!!!! Now a follower!!!!! Come isit sometime!!!!! Stephanie