December 13, 2012

Letter Bb Activities

I have finished the letter Bb phonics sheet a little early! Woo Hoo!
 You can click on the picture or {here} to grab this freebie.

Since I am teaching this letter next week AND it is the week before Christmas, I didn't need a lot of activities, so I made this pack to fit my needs. It doesn't contain any math activities... but lots of Bb and Dd sorting practice!
Click on the picture or click {here} to see this pack as well.

Freebie Fridays


  1. Mary,
    OMG, I so appreciate your contribution to my Pre-K classroom of learning. Your alphabet sets are so on target for my class this year, as I am trying to get through letter recognition, upper and lower letter writing, sounds and sight words. That's a lot for Pre-k this year! These sets will really add to our HandwritingWithout Tears program. After using for 4 years now I have come to question the thoroughness of the program. I believe so much more is needed (like your alphabet set) to get my kids ready for kindergarten. Thanks again!

  2. You continue to help my kiddos!! Thank you!!