December 18, 2012

If You Take a Mouse to the Art FREEBIE

 Last year, I found a great pin on Pinterest that I LOVED and wanted to try in my classroom.
(More on this below and you can grab these templates FOR FREE if you keep reading!)
It was an art project based off the book If You Give a Mouse to the Movies. 

So... here is what I borrowed and created for my classroom using my own original writing prompt.

 Here are some additional responses my students wrote that made me laugh.

So... what do you do when you find a GREAT idea on Pinterest that you want to use for your room?
Can you recreate it for your own personal class- YES!
Can you recreate it for others to sell or share- NO!

I never make or share things I don't think of on my own... it just isn't right! Just use it for yourself.
I always ASK bloggers if I can share their idea that I loved on my blog... because that is polite!

Now, since I loved this art so much... I researched where it was created. (It took me a whole 2 clicks to find the blog post it was published on.) Then I asked the creator Cara if I could share her idea (as her idea with credit given) and share the art templates I created to go with it.

Here is her blog.
{I felt comfortable asking Cara to share these pattern pieces since she never sold or gave away these template herself that I was aware of. (BUT I ASKED anyways to MAKE SURE.) She was so thankful I asked her first and gave me FULL PERMISSION to share this freebie of her idea with you guys.Otherwise I was going to link over to the pattern pieces she created, if they existed.}

So I put together this quick freebie in case you want to do a little Mouse to the Movies art project.
click on the picture or click {here} to grab this freebie
You can grab this writing prompt and many more fun activities in my pack {here.}

Please note... I added my blog image to the template cover only because I am responsible for that content. There is an additional note in the download giving Cara FULL credit for her idea!
Thanks Cara for the willingness to allow me to share!
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