December 03, 2012

Conference for GA Kindergarten Teachers

Today is my official 1 year blogiversary. 
I am planning something special, but I just need a few more days. Hold tight because it is going to be worth it!

Today I am attending attended the Conference for GA Kindergarten teachers!
I am also hoping to meet Deanna Jump in person!
I got to meet Deanna in person!
(She is real, she does exist!)
Dream come true!!!
Now, I am a little tall and Deanna is a little short. But let me tell you- she is an awesome teacher.
 Nothing can get a teacher fired up about new ideas that going to a conference.
I need 10 teacher work days to get my booty in gear on revamping some curriculum in my classroom!

This morning, I attended two of Deanna's seminars. The first was about integrating science and social studies into the common core. I thought I did this well, but I learned about 20+ ways to do it better.
The second session was about ELA with Common Core. I loved the examples and ideas presented here as well. 

We had lunch and then I got to go to an iPads and iPods session (LOVE) and it was awesome!
It was presented by Kurt Schwengel of Rock and Roll Kindergarten.
I picked up a ton of new and exciting tips and apps for my devices in my classroom. I was also able to share of a few of my management tips with him. He explained to us ideas on making great listening centers! (Ummm... hello Daily 5!) so I jotted down some great ideas to try. 

In case you are looking for some iPad or iPod management ideas, here is my presentation I gave this summer. 

Lastly, I attended Kurt's Integration of Technology into the classroom. (I can't stay away from a change to learn about using technology in my room better.)

Overall, I loved every minute of it and learned so much. I wish I was attending tomorrow, but I miss my school babies and NEED to see them. I am going through teaching withdrawals here!
I need to be better about blogging about apps- so be on the lookout for some great Techy Tuesday posts coming soon!
Okay, I have GOT to work on the this blogiversary thingy (yeah, that is a word! At least in the world of Kindergarten it is!)


  1. I was at the Florida Kindergarten Conference last week. I was also in Deanna Jump's sessions. You are going to have so much fun and learn so much from her. Enjoy yourself. Stay away from the DICE ladies. I spent over $50 in dice. FUN!!!!!

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Ah who are the dice ladies?? (reading the comment above haha) I am looking forward to reading your Techy Tuesday posts!! :)

    Kindergarten Smiles