December 29, 2012

Center Saturday

Hi All! I hope you are ready to see the "Holiday" centers we completed just before break.
I planned a full week of centers NOT thinking about our party, Polar Express Day, and day off. My poor little guys had to work hard. I decided to NOT do work centers for the two days in January we have in the week as a reward.

Here is what we did to learn about the letter Uu, the -ot family, and Holidays Around the World.
Yellow- Math- We arranged our umbrella numbers in order.
Orange- Writing- We did our Santa Write Me Three activity- you can grab it {here} for free.
Red- Reading- We sorting letters, words, and numbers using ornaments on the tree. I used different color ornaments for the different students so I could use this as an assessment.
Purple- Phonics- We sorted -ot words and -op words using this worksheet from The Mailbox. I chose purple paper to glue it on since it was at the purple table. 
Blue- Unit- This was a game I made called Deliver the Gifts from my Polar Express Plus Unit.
Green- Unit- We made these cute and fun Christmas cards for our parents. I *think* we got the idea (many years ago) from Family Fun magazine.

I hope you guys has so much fun before the break like we did. 
What do you teach the month of January?
We do Landforms, Snowmen, Polar Animals, and such.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! I get so many ideas from you. I love the pictures and words that you matched from a Mailbox worksheet. Can you give me more information about what it came from? Was it a book or a monthly magazine? I would like to find more activities like this one to use. Thanks!