December 15, 2012

Center Saturday

I usually prep this post by Friday night each week, but I just could.not.type.these.words yesterday.
I am not good with words in tragic times and I know my hurt and suffering is a drop in the bucket compared to so many today. I just wish I could take a little of their burden or hurt away.

Center Saturday is my favorite post of the week... and so I will carry on with it. 
This week we learned about the letter Uu, -ug family, Christmas Around the World, and we have begun to talk about money.

(Remember to look at the border colors to match the descriptions below.)

Yellow- Math- Ordering umbrella numbers to 36.
Orange-Handwriting- Uu sentences with picture clues.
Red- Reading- Sorting Letters, Words, and Numbers on Ornaments using Christmas Trees.
Purple- Phonics- Puzzle Bug- Making and reading a bug using the -ug family words. This is from The Mailbox book on Word Families.
Blue- Unit- circling the largest number on the poinsettia. I made this hard using numbers like 15, 51, 50, and 5. It is a good practice for number sense.
Green- Unit- Sorting using the 5 Senses. This game is from Lakeshore.

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