December 08, 2012

Center Saturday

Welcome to a new center Saturday. This week we have been learning about the /ch/ sound, the sight word about, and 5 senses. Here are our work centers for this week. (Remember to look at the border color on the pictures to match it to the description!)
Yellow- Math- There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell Number Comparing. Students circle the largest number. (newer version here)
Orange- Writing- practice writing the c and h for the ch sound. (here)
Red- I took a simple tree pattern and wrote all the letters on the sheet THEN laminated it. I ask my students to circle all the vowels. Although this appears to be easy, for some students it is a challenge.
Purple- Phonics- Order the cheese cards into ABC order. (here)
Blue- Unit- This is a "Decorate the Tree" game to add the correct ornaments to that tree using Poms. (They are labeled with number words.) This is so much fun! (updated version here)
Green- Unit- This is a Mailbox hearing game where you use film containers to hide items and students practice their sense of hearing to guess and check what is in the container.

Of course we had to much fun learning and had so many smiles.
I am also lucky to work in a school where Christmas isn't a scary time. We respect our students at all times, but we are allowed to do fun learning activities using Christmas as well. 

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