November 01, 2012

Our Halloween Party

 I am OVER it... Yep, I am over Halloween. I have done the class party, the trick or treating, the fall festivals, ALL of it! So... read this post, pin it, and keep these ideas for next year because I am SURE you are over it as well! Here is a glance at my FUN Halloween Party Centers.

(I always set up FUN centers for just this one day because I usually do my parties during center time. This works the best for me.)
Purple Basket has ghost sugar cookies, white frosting, and decorating stuff to create and eat your own Halloween cookie. (I set aside an additional table to eat. So one table to create, one table to eat.)

Orange Basket is Spider Ring Relays with spider rings and straws to blow on your spider. A student created these tracks so I LOVE using them! The winner of the race gets to keep the ring!

Yellow Basket is witch hat cookies. Take a fudge stripe cookie, add a little iciing or frosting, and put an unwrapped kiss on top. FUN and yummy!

Red Basket is M&M graphs using Fun Size packages. Always fun and a hit.

Last table was pumpkin bowling. We set up 6 new TP rolls with ghost faces and rolled pumpkins down to knock them over. SO MUCH FUN and all my boys loved this station!

We also carved a boy's pumpkin and a girls pumpkin. Boys is on the right and was voted on as the WINNER!

What activity is always a class favorite that I NEED to add to my list?

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  1. Very cute activities! I will be adding the spider ring race and the pumpkin bowling to my list for next year! I'll tell you a game that I've been doing for years that is always a huge hit. It's simple but hysterical. You take Halloween/Fall pictures (pumpkin, ghost, bat, leaf, black cat, etc.). We sit on the edges of our carpet and I choose the child to the left of me and the one to the right of me to stand facing each other in the center of the circle.Choosing them this way works out well because it mixes up the "buddies". You will tape a picture to the back of each child and they have to try to see the picture on their classmates back. They can't use their hands and I warn the rest of the class that if they call out the pictures, they'll lose their turn! It is so funny to see the kids circle around each other and usually they're cracking up before they even get started. It gets funnier as you play because the kids get so excited. If the kids circle for too long I'll call out "change direction" and they have to go the other way. It's really fun to have parents face off against each other if you have time after all the kids get a turn. You can change it up for any season or occasion. I hope you try it! Happy post-Halloween!