November 08, 2012

More Daily 5 Ideas

Here is what we did for the Daily 5 today. 
(If you remember I do 8 stations instead of 5. Click{here} to see the post that explains it all.)

For Word Work, my friends did a simple K sorting activity. I love that they have to cut and glue, plus figure out the pictures on the page. 
For Writing, my friends practiced writing about the sight word "play" and even wrote their own "play" sentence at the bottom. Some were better than others and some copied ideas we write down from calendar, but all in all, I was happy with the results, esp for them being independent.
My group read the reader Thanksgiving Dinner. They then were able to add this book to their book basket for read to self and read to others. We did these as "cold reads" and they all did great!
My class got to listen to the story Thanks for Thanksgiving.
My students also did creative writing on what they were thankful for with my assistant.

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