November 15, 2012

Christmas with a FREEBIE

{Updated on 12/9/14}

It hit me today...
I have to start planning for Christmas this week!

 When I leave school on Friday,
I have to have all Thanksgiving put away and have my lesson plans
for the week we come back from the break!
{Breathe... Breathe...}
Good thing I have been busy making activities for when we come back!
Here is just a glimpse of what I have made so far!

Since I try every hard to tie in Reading to my Social Studies unit,
I am using the book...
There Was and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell.

These are the activities we use during reading centers and daily 5. 
We read the story and use the cards to put the parts in order.

I made this sequencing sheet to review story sequencing and ordinal numbers.

 We also use the cards as a visual cue for our reading comprehension game.
 My students RUN RUN RUN to this station.
They adore it.
And it is a great way to keep data points for RTI folders in a FUN way.

This game is awesome because we use reading questions
from the book to move our pieces along the game.
And boy do we get competitive.

Another station we ADORE is the Listening and Following Direction activity to color this picture.

 Of course this pack is huge and has so much more...
Here on TpT, Here on TN

And here is a freebie I know you will appreciate.

I know you guys will be able to use these freebies in your classroom for sure!
I hope these help put you in the holiday mood!

And if you need some more Christmas activities...
Freebie Fridays


  1. It all looks great!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Lovely Literacy & More

  2. Thank you, looks like my class is headed for some extra fun learning :o)