November 30, 2012

Center Saturday

Welcome to Center Saturday, my weekly visual post where I show you and tell you what learning centers my students completed this week. 
This week we learned about the letter Pp, -ap family, sight word said, and began to do Christmas Around the World.
Remember that the border color on the pictures is what I use to tell you what that center is!

Yellow- Math- I made these popcorn containers with numbers on them (Cut out buddies from Carson Dellosa) and laminated them. My students use real popcorn to "fill" the container, aka place on top, to count out and match the number on that container. Great, fun, and YUMMY one to one correspondence practice. (I did add a similar, but standards based math activity to my Pp Activities Pack that I will use for next use. It uses ten frames*.)
Orange- this was a Mailbox worksheet where students write -ap at the end of the each word then circle the real words and cross out the silly words. I put onto colored construction paper and laminated.
Red- I made these pirate themed ABC order cards* (My students caught on to the pattern the cards which made me laugh... YOU SMART KIDDOS!)
Purple-  Parrot letter fill ins*... This never gets old!
Blue- Pencil number memory using teens. My kids have 0-10 and 20+, but struggle with those tens. This was a FUN extra practice time
Green- I forgot to take a picture. Most likely because my daughter was sick, then I was sick! Oops! It was a FUN dot to dot Turkey sheet and my kids RAN to this center because it was fun.

* These activities are found in my letter Pp Activities Pack. 
Click on the picture or {here} to grab this pack

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