November 17, 2012

Center Saturday

Ya'll (Yes, I am southern and I have a slight draw)
know I LOVE Center Saturday!
 This is without a doubt my FAVORITE post of the week!
I love center time so much, so it makes complete sense.

This week we learned about (gasp) no letter... I don't feel too badly either... the -ip family, Thanksgiving, and the word "for."

Here is the picture glimpse:
  Remember I color code the border to give you the BIGGEST pictures possible.

Yellow-Math- Koala Comparing Numbers using ten frames with leaves in them. (grab it here)
Orange- Writing-This was a FUN writing activity to get my kids to write using nouns. The students had to write three things Native American HAD... and they could use the provided word wall. (grab it here)
Red- Reading- This looks easy, but it is a little tough in a good way. Students match the number words and color words to something in the picture that matches it! (grab it here)
Purple- Phonics- I made these Pilgrim rhyming cards years ago. Each match is a boy and girl pilgrim. I do not have a digital copy of this activity.
Blue-Unit- This is a FUN Fill the Ten Frame game I made using Native American symbols on a die. This was also a HUGE hit for my kids! (grab it here)
Green- Unit- We sequenced the story, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. (grab it here)

Hope these centers give you some good ideas for the upcoming week IF you have to teach.
I am so lucky to have the whole week off. 
(I will be baking away and hoping for NO SHOPPING on Black Friday as I hate shopping!!!)

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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  1. My students did the Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie sequencing activity, and they loved it as well! Mine wasn't as fancy as yours, but it was functional. I let them sequence it on a sentence strip instead of regular construction paper. I love your Center Saturday posts!

    Miss A's Kindergarten