November 10, 2012

Center Saturday

Center Saturday is here!
Here is my picture review of the weekly centers my class did this week!
I also added my bonus centers at the bottom!
We learned about the letter Kk, -all family, and Thanksgiving.

Yellow- math- These are cornucopia number fill ins for numbers 1-20. Since my students had to fill in the first number, this was slightly harder than they were use to, but they did amazing.
Orange- handwriting- Letter handwriting
Red- reading- sight word ABC order with turkeys
Purple- phonics- sorting K/C pictures- super tough
Blue- Making patterns headbands for our feast next week. We use sentence strips and pattern block die cuts with construction paper. We made the pattern, then I check, THEN they can glue!
Green- Turkey memory game
Black- bonus centers- these are optional, but are rewarded with candy if completed independently- creating sight word bracelets and then reading the words to me. The second one is use letter magnets to create our spelling words and then read them to me.

Do I even need to tell how how great my students are and how much they LOVED their centers this week.

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